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Physical and Biophysical
Chemistry Division (I)

   Prof. M. J. Rossi
(2008 - 2009)
 Prof. A.J. McQuillan
(2008 - 2009)
Vice President
 Prof. Ruth M. Lynden-Bell
(2006 - 2009)

Division's Aims

Current Projects

Recent Technical Reports

Reports of Activities

Minutes of Meetings

  • Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland on 12-13 April 2008
  • Torino, Italy on 4-5 August 2007
  • Coimbra, Portugal on 8-9April 2006
  • Beijing, China, 13-14 Aug 2005
  • Glion, Switzerland, 3-4 April 2004
  • Ottawa, Canada, 10-11 Aug 2003
  • Morges, Switzerland, 19-20 April 2002
  • Brisbane, Australia, 29 June - 3 July 2001
  • Wageningen, Netherlands, 1-2 April 2000
  • Berlin, Germany, 7-11 August 1999


Division's Aims

The Objectives of the Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division are to organize and promote the international collaboration between scientists in physical and biophysical chemistry and related fields in order to

  • address problems and formulate recommendations on nomenclature, symbols, units, terminology and conventions in physical and biophysical chemistry, disseminate the recommendations, encourage their translation as well as monitor their acceptance by the chemical community;
  • establish and stimulate the use of methodologies, standards and reference materials in physical and biophysical chemistry;
  • encourage the compilation and documentation of critically evaluated physical chemical data;
  • recognize new developments in physical and biophysical chemistry and its fields of applications; and
  • promote future oriented activities important for the contribution of physical and biophysical chemistry to science and technology and to the needs of the world community.


Until December 2001, the work has been carried out through the divisional Subcommittee on Plasma Chemistry and through seven commissions and their subcommittees:

I.1 Physicochemical Symbols, Terminology, and Units
I.2 Thermodynamics
I.3 Electrochemistry
I.4 Chemical Kinetics
I.5 Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy
I.6 Colloid and Surface Chemistry including Catalysis
I.7 Biophysical Chemistry

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