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Number: 2003-060-2-400

Title: Terminology on separation of macromolecules

Task Group
Taihyun Chang

Members: Dušan Berek, Vadim A. Davankov, Robert G. Gilbert, Michael Hess, Pavel Jandera, Pavel Kratochvil, Graeme Moad, Harald Pasch, Robert F. T. Stepto, David Tabak, and J. Vohlidal

To revise and elaborate the terminology on the separation of macromolecules in the "Compendium of Analytical Nomenclature' (Orange book).

Currently the terminology on the separation of macromolecues is included in a section "9.2.6 Special Terminology Used in Exclusion Chromatography" of the orange book. It does not seem to cover terminology used in exclusion chromatography sufficiently. Furthermore, many separation methods other than exclusion chromatography have been developed and employed in the macromolecular separation field recently. Therefore, it is necessary to revise and expand the terminology on separation of macromolecules and publish it as a separate document, which also will be incorporated in the next new edition of the Orange Book and possibly other relevant IUPAC publications.

The document deals with the terminology on the separation of macromolecules, which is typical and unique field of activity of the IUPAC organization. The document will include various separation methods widely used in macromolecular separation beyond size exclusion chromatography, which includes interaction chromatography, chromatography at critical condition, temperature rising elution fractionation, field flow fractionation, and so on.

As the first step, the terms used in the liquid column chromatography will be the primary object for this project. The other related techniques such as TREF and FFF will be considered together, but with next priority.

> Nov 2004 report update (pdf file - 13KB)

> May 2006 report update (pdf file - 13KB)

Last update: 17 April 2007



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