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v Projects initiated in 2008

  • Humic-metal binding constants database (project #2008-025-1-500)
    Montserrat Filella
  • Green Rapid Internet Communications (GRIC); feasibility study of publishing an on-line journal of green chemistry (project #2008-016-1-300)
    Pietro Tundo and Giovanni Sartori
  • Investigating out-of-specification test results of chemical composition based on metrological concepts (project #2008-030-1-500)
    Ilya Kuselman
  • Evaluation of isotopic abundance variations in selected heavier elements (project #2007-029-1-200)
    Xiangkun Zhu
  • Revision of “IUPAC Recommendations on Macromolecular Nomenclature – Guide for Authors of Papers and Reports in Polymer Science and Technology" (project #2008-020-1-400)
    Philip Hodge
  • International Year of Chemistry 2011 - Management Committee (project #2008-021-1-020)
    John M. Malin
  • Preparation for the translation of the 'Green Book' (project #2008-007-3-100)
    Roberto Marquardt
  • Revision of the 'Silver Book': Compendium of Terminology and Nomenclature of Properties in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (IUPAC and IFCC Recommendations 1995) (project #2007-033-3-700)
    Georges Férard
  • An introduction to the IUPAC-NIST Solubility Data Series: Preparation and use of compilations and evaluations (project #2008-008-1-500)
    David Shaw
  • A glossary of concepts and terms in chemometrics (project #2008-002-1-500)
    D Brynn Hibbert
  • Crop protection chemistry in latin america: Environment, safety, and regulation - 3rd International Workshop (project #2007-057-1-600)
    Irene Baptista De Alleluia
  • Dispersity (project #2008-022-1-400)
    Robert Stepto
  • Update of glossary of terms used in medicinal chemistry (project #2008-010-1-700)
    Derek R. Buckle
  • Preferred names for polymers (project #2008-015-1-400)
    Werner Mormann
  • Analogue-based drug discovery - Volume II (project #2008-013-1-700)
    Janos Fischer
  • Glossary of terms used in immunotoxicology (project #2007-053-1-700)
    Douglas Templeton
  • Biophysico-chemical processes of anthropogenic organic compounds in environmental systems (project #2008-001-1-600)
    Baoshan Xing
  • Soils contaminated with explosives – Environmental risk assessment and evaluation of state-of-the-art treatment processes (project #2007-026-2-600)
    Dimitrios Kalderis
  • Experimental thermodynamics Vol. VIII. Applied thermodynamics of fluids (project #2008-014-1-100)
    Jan Sengers
  • Development of an isotopic periodic table for the educational community (project #2007-038-3-200)
    Norman Holden
  • Options for IUPAC engagement in SAICM implementation (project #2008-012-1-022)
    Colin Humphris
  • Critically evaluated techniques for size separation characterization of starch (project #2007-058-1-400)
    Robert Gilbert
  • Heat capacities of liquids and vapours
    Trevor Letcher and Emmerich Wilhelm
  • Climate and global change: observed impacts on planet earth
    Trevor Letcher
  • Analysis of the usage of nanoscience and technology in chemistry
    Javier Garcia Martinez and Sanjay Mathur
  • Extension of ThermoML - the IUPAC standard for thermodynamic data communications
    M. Frenkel
  • Evaluated compilation of international reference materials for isotope abundance measurements
    Ronny Schönberg
  • Evaluated published isotope ratio data (2007-2009)
    Michael Berglund
  • Research-based evaluation of the Young Ambassadors for Chemistry project
    Lida Schoen
  • International Center for Natural Product Research
    M. Mosihuzzaman
  • Ultrafast intense laser chemistry
    Kaoru Yamanouchi
  • Postgraduate course in polymer science
    Pavel Kratochvil
  • Mechanistic aspects of chemical vapor generation of volatile hydrides for trace element determination
    Alessandro D'Ulivo

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