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IUPAC Handbook 1996-97


Blackwell Science,1996 [ISBN

The 1996-1997 IUPAC Handbook contains not only the membership of Standing Committees, Divisions, Commissions etc., but also the projects on which the IUPAC bodies are working. The Statutes and Bylaws of the Union and the Rules and Terms of Reference of the Divisions/Committees are reproduced into. The Handbook is intended to provide detailed information (as at 15 April 1996) on the membership, working programmes of the Union, and the rules of operation in one volume, and will be a useful reference source for chemists and chemical organizations worldwide.


Organization Chart of IUPAC 1996-1997; Table of Contents for Membership Lists; International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry; IUPAC Officers and Secretariat; Past Officers of IUPAC; General Assemblies and Congresses of IUPAC; Membership Lists of IUPAC Bodies 1996-1997; Alphabetical Index to Members of IUPAC Bodies 1996-1997; Current Programmes 1996; Statutes and Bylaws; Appointment and Functioning of National Representatives on IUPAC Bodies; Affiliate Membership Programme; List of Abbreviations; Notes.

2 illustrations
240 pages

© 1998 Blackwell Science Ltd


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