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Physicochemical Kinetics and Transport at Biointerfaces

Series on Analytical and Physical Chemistry
of Environmental Systems
- Vol. 9

Wolfgang Koester and H. P. van Leeuwen (Editors)

John Wiley & Sons, 2004
[ISBN 0-471-49845-9]

The IUPAC Series on Analytical and Physical Chemistry of Environmental Systems provides a critical evaluation of the state-of-the-art on physicochemical properties and processes in environmental systems, as well as on the analytical techniques required to study and monitor them. The series is aimed at promoting rigorous analysis and understanding of physicochemical functioning of environmental and bioenvironmental systems.

The effects and fate of organic and inorganic materials in environmental systems are determined by their distribution and transport within and between biotic and abiotic reservoirs. Development of mechanistic models to describe these processes requires an integrated approach with functional links between the various modes of transport of bioactive chemical species and the biophysical processes to which they are subjected. Until now, much of the key knowledge in this area has been dispersed over several rather poorly interacting disciplines. This timely book integrates these activities and highlights key directions for future research.

The book focuses on the physicochemical kinetics of processes in the interphasial region between organisms and their external medium, and coupling of these processes with the mass transfer of the chemical species involved. Specialized subtopics encompass:

  • structure and permeative properties of biomembranes and their aqueous interfacial layers,
  • diffusive and convective processes at the biointerface,
  • routes for transport of chemical compounds across membranes,
  • biological chemistry of organisms as relevant for e.g. the mobilization of essential chemicals in the medium.

Physicochemical Kinetics and Transport at Biointerfaces will be a valuable resource for researchers and students interested in understanding the fundamentals of chemical kinetics and transport processes in bioenvironmental systems. The content is required reading for chemists, physicists and biologists in environmentally oriented disciplines.

576 pages
February 2004

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