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 Chemistry for the 21st Century

Books Series Titles


Medicinal Chemistry for the 21st Century
Wermuth, C.G.
Blackwell Science, 1992 [ISBN 0-63203-4084]

Perspectives in Catalysis
Thomas, J.M. and Zamaraev, K.I.
Blackwell Science, 1992 [ISBN 0-63203-1654]

Chemistry of Advanced Materials
Rao, C.N.R.
Blackwell Science, 1993 [ISBN 0-63203-3851]

Stereocontrolled Organic Synthesis
Trost, B.M.
Blackwell Science, 1994 [ISBN 0-86542-8336]

The Chemistry of the Atmosphere: Its Impact on Global Change
Calvert, J.G.
Blackwell Science, 1994 [ISBN 0-63203 7792]

Ultrafast Processes in Chemistry and Photobiology
El-Sayed, M.A.; Tanaka, I. and Molin Y.
Blackwell Science, 1995 [ISBN 0-86542-893X]

Reactivity of Solids: Past, Present and Future
Boldyrev, V.V.
Blackwell Science, 1996 [ISBN 0-86542-687-2]

Molecular Electronics
Jortner, J. and Ratner, M.
Blackwell Science, 1997 [ISBN 0-63204-2842]

Interfacial Science

Roberts, M.W.
Blackwell Science, 1997 [ISBN 0-63204-2192]

Chemical Thermodynamics
Letcher, T.M.
Blackwell Science, 1999 [ISBN 0-632-05127-2]

Transition Metal Catalysed Reactions
Murahashi, S.-I. and Davies, S.G.
Blackwell Science, 1999 [ISBN 0-632-05126-4]

Chemistry for the Energy Future
Parmon, V.N., Tributsch, H., Bridgwater, A.V., and Hall, D.O.
Blackwell Science, 1999 [ISBN 0-632-05269-4]

Organic Mesoscopic Chemistry
Masuhara, H. and Schryver, F.C.
Blackwell Science, 1999 [ISBN 0-632-05125-6]

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