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Chemistry International
Vol. 24, No. 1
January 2002


> New Year–New Team
a note from the editor
> Access to web references or pointers only

Science and the Public: Learning for the Future


President's Column

Catalyst: the Museum of the Chemical Industry

Preserving Records of Modern Science

Science and the Public: Learning for the Future

Young Observers Programs: Getting New Expertise Involved in IUPAC
IUPAC Divisions and Education: A Case for Joint Projects

New Paid Affiliate Members Mean More Sponsored Affiliates in Developing Countries
Whither Green Chemistry? A Look at CHEMRAWN-XIV

Chunli Bai Awarded SCI's International Medal
Allen Bard Awarded ACS' Priestley Medal
Thomas Tidwell Receives CCA's Killam Fellowship

IUPAC Projects
Evaluated Kinetic Data for Atmospheric Chemistry
Educating Chemists and the Public about Risk Assessment
Impact of Scientific Developments on the Chemical Weapons Convention

Highlights from Pure and Applied Chemistry
Use of Legendre Transforms in Chemical Thermodynamics
Modeling Lifetime and Degradability of Organic Compounds in Air, Soil, and Water Systems
Selectivity in Analytical Chemistry
PAC online

New Books and Publications
Polymer Networks
Polymers in Medicine
Metal and Ammonium Formate Systems
Actinide Carbon Compounds
Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins in Perspective at the Turn of the Millennium
Nomenclature of Organic Compounds Principles and Practice

Reports from Conferences
Plasma Chemistry
Safety in Chemical Production

Web Reviews
Spare Parts on the Web
Valid Analytical Measurement

Conference Announcements
International Congress on Process Technologies, 18-20 Mar 2002
Advances in Emulsion Polymerization and Latex Technology, 3-7 Jun 2002
Joint Meetings on Pharmacognosy American Society of Pharmacognosy, 27-31 Jul 2002
International Symposia on Organosilicon Chemistry, 25-30 Aug 2002
European Conference on Rheology, 1-6 Sep 2002
Discussion Meeting on Thermodynamics of Alloys, 8-13 Sep 2002
The 3rd World Congress on Emulsion, 24-27 Sep 2002
World Space Congress 2002, 10-19 Oct 2002

Conference Calendar of IUPAC-sponsored events

New Year–New Team

For all of us, the new year is a time for new resolutions. For me, it is a time to assume new responsibilities as managing editor of Chemistry International. As part of this transition, I would like to ask you, the reader, to remember that without your input, CI has no reason for being. I urge you–members, fellows, affiliates, organizational representatives–to share your stories, send your points of view, and communicate news to your peers and IUPAC colleagues.

With this new year, also comes a new biennium, which is for IUPAC a significant event. It is the time for the new officers to take charge, relaying former efforts and new initiatives, and ensuring continuation. In this issue, Prof. Steyn, the new President presents his views of the Union and the task before him. Chemical industry and education, preservation of historical records, and involvement of young scientists are among the subjects covered in other articles.

A brand new feature of this issue is the web reference (or pointer) that prominently follows all of the newsletter articles. These pointers refer you to the exact spot on the web–on the IUPAC web site or another site–where you can find more information on the subject at hand.

Enjoy this first issue of the new year and remember–give your input!

Fabienne Meyers
[email protected]

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