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Chemistry International
Vol. 24, No. 5
September 2002


The Special Topics Project

by James Bull

See also
> Pure Appl. Chem.

> More on the Special Topics Project - 2000 call & description
CI 22(4), 105-107 (2000)

The Special Topics project aims to broaden the scope of Pure and Applied Chemistry coverage through publication of reviews on new and emerging concepts in chemical sciences. The project takes the form of journal issues devoted entirely to specific topics arising from IUPAC initiatives, as well as feature articles that highlight the state of the art and future prospects in topical subdisciplines of the subject. The latter feature offers scope for individuals to present authoritative and critical reviews in a way that will inspire and challenge the readership, and even attract debate. Although feature articles have not hitherto enjoyed sufficient support to ensure their regular appearance in Pure and Applied Chemistry, as the Special Topics editor, I welcome inquiries and expressions of interest in the belief that such articles offer a highly visible forum through which to publicize and popularize the rapidly evolving face of chemistry and to identify IUPAC more closely with themes of growing international importance.

A Reminder and Invitation

Feature articles in Pure and Applied Chemistry can comprise the publishable output of any legitimate activity of IUPAC, and reflect any aspect of current and future directed chemical sciences. In reality, this merely extends the scope of current publication policy, from the traditional, reactive role, to a more flexible and dynamic approach, in which IUPAC members and interest groups can propose and undertake projects leading to publication of feature articles. A proposal for a special issue should first be submitted to me, outlining the intended scope and coverage of a theme, together with a draft proposal on prospective authorship, and a target date for submission of the manuscript. Following assessment and approval of the concept, a procedure will be set up for submission and evaluation of the manuscript and the author(s) will be assured that the manuscript will be processed and published expeditiously.


James R. Bull <[email protected]> is a professor at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. He has been IUPAC Special Topics editor since 1999.


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