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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 69, No. 2 (1997)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 69, Issue 2

Physical Organic Chemistry for the 21st Century. A Symposium in Print

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Physical Organic Chemistry for the 21st Century. A Symposium in Print

Foreword, C. L. Perrin

Plenary Lectures

The first century of physical organic chemistry: A prologue
T. T. Tidwell
p. 211 [full text - pdf 246 kB]

T. T. Tidwell
p. 215 [full text - pdf 212 kB]

Physical organic chemistry in the 21st century: Will it be recognizable?
E. M. Arnett
p. 217 [full text - pdf 445 kB]

What will physical organic chemistry achieve in the 21st century?
R. Breslow
p. 223 [full text - pdf 226 kB]

Gas-phase ion chemistry in the 21st century
F. Cacace
p. 227 [full text - pdf 274 kB]

Physical organic chemistry in the making
J. B. F. N. Engberts
p. 231 [full text - pdf 261 kB]

Beyond the traditional confines: Physical organic chemistry in the 21st century
M. A. Fox
p. 235 [full text - pdf 179 kB]

Physical organic chemistry in the twenty-first century: Evanescent or transcendent?
K. N. Houk and J. K. Lee
p. 237 [full text - pdf 265 kB]

Kinetic and mechanistic studies of free radical reactions in the 21st century
K. U. Ungold
p. 241 [full text - pdf 289 kB]

QSPR as a means of predicting and understanding chemical and physical properties in terms of structure
A. R. Katritzky, M. Karelson and V. S. Lobanov
p. 245 [full text - pdf 283 kB]

Rethinking physical organic chemistry
E. M. Kosower
p. 249 [full text - pdf 571 kB]

The physical organic chemist as a materials scientist in the 21st century
p. 255 [full text - pdf 228 kB]

From a synthetic organic chemist
T. Mukaiyama
p. 257 [full text - pdf 170 kB]

Modern trends in physical organic chemistry
O. M. Nefedov and M. P. Egorov
p. 259 [full text - pdf 286 kB]

Whither physical organic chemistry or to what degree does it really exist? A personal view
G. A. Olah
p. 263 [full text - pdf 182 kB]

Where is physical organic chemistry going?
J. D. Roberts
p. 265 [full text - pdf 232 kB]

Physical organic chemistry. Electron transier chemistry. Molecular electrochemistry
p. 269 [full text - pdf 272 kB]

Perspectives and challenges of physical organic chemistry
D. Schröder, C. Heineman, W. Koch and H. Schwartz
p. 273 [full text - pdf 515 kB]

Some personal views on the past and future of physical organic chemistry
A. Streitwieser
p. 281 [full text - pdf 170 kB]

Physical organic chemistry: Quo Vadis?
J. Vogt and D. Bellus
p. 283 [full text - pdf 213 kB]

Physical organic chemistry
F. H. Westheimer
p. 285 [full text - pdf 207 kB]

The influence of physical organic chemistry on studies of organometallic complexes
A. Yamamoto
p. 287 [full text - pdf 504 kB]

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Reporting of relative sulfur isotope-ratio data (Technical Report)
Commission on Atomic Weights and Isotopic Abundances (H. R. Krouse and T. B. Coplen)
p. 293 [full text - pdf 163 kB]

A statistical overview of standard (IUPAC and ACS) and new procedures for determining the limits of detection and quantification: Application to voltammetric and stripping techniques (Technical Report)
Commission on Electroanalytical Chemistry (J. Mocak, A. M. Bond, S. Mitchell and G. Scollary)
p. 297 [full text - pdf 1971 kB]

Critical evaluation of stability constants for alpha-hydroxycarboxylic acid complexes with protons and metal ions and the accompanying enthalpy changesPart I: Aromatic ortho-hydroxycarboxylic acids (Technical Report)
Commission on Equilibrium Data (L. H. J. Lajunen, R. Portanova, J. Piispanen and M. Tolazzi)
p. 329 [full text - pdf 2087 kB]

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