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Pure Appl. Chem., Vol. 70, No. 9 1998


Natural and anthropogenic environmental oestrogens:
the scientific basis for risk assessment

A joint publication of IUPAC, IUPHAR and IUTOX
with the support of ICSU

Press Release - Preface - Contents - Issue Editors
Japanese Version
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In September of 1996, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) published in the Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry the first "White Book", on Chlorine. We continue this attempt to address issues of environmental, industrial, and societal importance in this publication on "Natural and Anthropogenic Environmental Oestrogens: The Scientific Basis for Risk Assessment". This is a complex, emotional, and quite controversial issue for which many scientific questions remain. Again, IUPAC, standing firmly on a scientific foundation independent from governments and industry, has called upon its worldwide network of experts from various fields of chemistry to prepare this publication. In view of the scientific complexity of this issue, collaboration with the International Union of Pharmacology (IUPHAR) and the International Union of Toxicology (IUTOX) was sought. Working with the three Unions, we are also pleased to report that each Chapter has been subject to review by other international experts.

René-Paul Martin
Past-Chairman,Committee on
Chemistry and Industry
Junshi Miyamoto
President, Chemistry and the Environment Division
A. Nelson Wright
Chairman, Committee on Chemistry
and Industry, and Special Issue Editor
Camille G. Wermuth
Chemistry and Human Health Division


R.-P. Martin, J. Miyamoto, C.G. Wermuth, and A.N. Wright iv Preface
J.W. Jost v-vii Executive Summary

P. Preziosi 1617-1631 Endocrine disrupters as environmental signallers: an introduction
A.N. Brooks 1633-1646 Comparative physiology of the reproductive endocrine system in laboratory rodents and humans
F. Piva and L. Martini 1647-1656 Neurotransmitters and the control of hypophyseal gonadal functions: possible implications of endocrine disruptors
A. Dawson 1657-1669 Comparative reproductive physiology of non-mammalian species

Human and Environmental Health - Risk Assessment
I.F.H. Purchase and G.L.P. Randall 1671-1683 Principles of risk assessment

Human Health Effects - Epidemiology
R.M. Sharpe 1685-1701 Environmental estrogens and male infertility
R.F.A. Weber and J.T. M. Vreeburg 1703-1711 Bias and confounding in studies of sperm counts
J.J. Li and S.A. Li 1713-1723 Breast cancer: evidence for xenoestrogen involvement in altering its incidence and risk

Human Health - Effect Assessment
J.A. Dodge 1725-1733 Structure/activity relationships
J. Ashby 1735-1745 Issues associated with the validation of in vitro and in vivo methods for assessing endocrine disrupting chemicals

Human Health - Exposure Assessment
J.G. Liehr, A. Somasunderam
and D. Roy
1747-1758 Metabolism and fate of xenoestrogens in man
W. Mazur and H. Adlercreutz 1759-1776 Naturally occurring oestrogens in food
S. Bingham 1777-1783 Dietary phyto-oestrogens and cancer

Environmental Health Effects - Field Observations
G. Van Der Kraak 1785-1794 Observations of endocrine effects in wildlife with evidence of their causation
C. Tyler and E. Routledge 1795-1804 Oestrogenic effects in fish in English rivers with evidence of their causation

Environmental Health - Effect Assessment
S. Jobling 1805-1827 Review of suggested testing methods for endocrine-disrupting chemicals

Environmental Exposure and Risk Assessment
J. Miyamoto and W. Klein 1829-1845 Environmental exposure, species differences and risk assessment

Selected Case Studies
S. Müller and C. Schlatter 1847-1853 Estrogenic potency of nonylphenol in vivo - a case study to evaluate the relevance of human non-occupational exposure
N.R. Adams 1855-1862 Clover phytoestrogens in sheep in Western Australia

A. E. Fischli, T. Godfraind, and I.F.H. Purchase 1863-1865 Conclusions and Recommendations

Issue editors:

A.N. Wright
Synergistics Industries Ltd, Canada
IUPAC Committee on Chemistry and Industry, Chairman


A.E. Fischli
Hoffmann La Roche Ltd, Switzerland
IUPAC Past President

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