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- IUPAC-sponsored event -

11th International Conference on Polymer Characterization (POLYCHAR-11)
6-10 January 2003, Denton, Texas, USA

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This continuing series of conferences has been held annually at the University of North Texas since 1992. The conference focus is on characterization on the one hand and synthesis, processing, manufacturing, and properties on the other, with an emphasis on predictions of service performance. All polymer-based materials, including thermoplastics, thermosets, heterogeneous and molecular composites, blends, polymer melts, and solutions are covered. Research presentations are in both oral and poster format. Topic areas include the following:

  • predictive methods
  • mechanical properties and performance
  • dielectric, electrical, and magnetic properties
  • surfaces and interfaces
  • characterization and structure-property relations

University of North Texas, P.O. Box 305310, Denton, TX 76203-5310, USA Fax: +1 940 565 4824 E-mail:
[email protected]


> Announcement published in Chem. Int. 23(6), 2002

* Sponsorship by IUPAC attests to the quality of the scientific program and indicates the host country's assurance that scientists from all countries may participate.
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