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- IUPAC-sponsored event -

4th Florida Heterocyclic Conference, 10-12 March 2003, Gainesville, Florida, USA

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The first three Florida Heterocyclic Conferences in March 2000, 2001, and 2002 brought together the academic and industrial communities with an abundance of information on heterocyclic chemistry. These conferences reflected the current interest in the subject, particularly from the industrial chemical community, where pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and colorants usually contain at least one heterocyclic ring.

This, the fourth conference, continues in the tradition of its highly successful predecessors. On the first day (10 March), Professors Dan Comins and Alan Katritzky will give a six-hour lecture course on heterocyclic chemistry. This will be an opportunity for chemists who are not familiar with all aspects of heterocyclic chemistry to gain an insight into the fundamental concepts underlying the subject.

A poster session combined with a buffet supper will follow on the evening of 10 March. On the second and third days, experts from academia and industry have been invited to present results from their latest research.

Organic and medicinal chemists of Ph.D. or MSc level, especially industrial chemists from the pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical, colorants, flavors, and fragrances industries are encouraged to attend.

Contact: Alan R. Katritzky, Department of
Chemistry, University of Florida, P.O. Box 117200,
Gainesville, Florida, USA 32611-7200Tel.: +1 352 392 0554
Fax: +1 352 392 9199
E-mail: [email protected]



> Announcement published in Chem. Int. 24(5), 2002

* Sponsorship by IUPAC attests to the quality of the scientific program and indicates the host country's assurance that scientists from all countries may participate.
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