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Member Countries/Territorial Considerations: see Minute 10/79, 30th Council-Davos: Prof. G. Smets ruled that:

In the case of a country in which present circumstances make it impossible for all chemists to engage in coordinated scientific activities over the whole territory, "country", as used in Statute 3.1 shall designate geographical territory, in which a community of chemists pursues independent scientific activities.

Use of the word "country", see Minute 7.3/97, 124th Executive Committee-Jerusalem: Prof. A. E. Fischli ruled that:

In accord with IUPAC's status as a nongovernmental organization, the word "country" as used in Statutes 1, 3.1, and 3.3 may include a specific geographic territory that is widely recognized as having the cultural and administrative characteristics usually associated with an independent state but without necessarily having complete independence or sovereignty.

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