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The address is www.iupac.org

Since we work hard at making iupac.org up to date, versatile, and accurate, last summer I (FM) thought that I would enter the site in a contest for "Best Chemical Site on the Web," sponsored by ChemIndustry.com Inc.; John Wiley & Sons, Inc; and the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK. I had nothing to lose and hoped to get a little feedback. On 1 Sep 2002, the winners and honorees were announced, and I am pleased to report that www.iupac.org was chosen as an honoree in the "Portals and Information Hubs" category.

The awards recognize unique and noteworthy internet resources for chemists, chemical engineers, and chemical industry professionals in three categories: "Online Courses and Tools", "Portals and Information Hubs", and "Corporate Sites." The sites must be in English and free to users. An international panel of 16 distinguished judges in various chemical fields selected the winners.

In the category "Portals and Information Hubs", there were 41 contestants. The winner in this categary was the NIST Webbook, which is a comprehensive database of chemical data. Beside, we can be proud of putting iupac.org in the good company of resourceful sites. See for yourself the list below.

The Winner:
Webbook, a comprehensive database of chemical data, provided by NIST <webbook.nist.gov>

Category Honorees:

The official announcement and more information about the contest can be found at <www.chemindustry.com/contest>

Questions, comments about the IUPAC web site, please contact Fabienne Meyers <[email protected]>.


> News published in the Nov. '02 issue of Chem. Int.

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