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CHEMRAWN Committee


Number: 2003-003-1-021

Title: CHEMRAWN XVI - Innovation in the chemical industry: the way from pure to applied chemistry

Task Group
: M.J. Droescher

Member: Jerzy Kopytowski

Remarks: in collaboration with COCI

Completion Date: 2005 - Project completed

A Forum will examine creativity and radical innovation in the chemical industry with the focus on new directions.
Today's chemical industry is mature with little payoff from investing in new products, significant process innovation, or fundamental, breakthrough research. What can be done to change this situation?

The forum will have three sessions each with several talks, review of previously submitted papers, and panel discussions:

  1. Enabling radical innovation
    - software tools, knowledge management
    - Getting the new ideas and adopting them
    - market/technology intelligence
    - computerized methodologies
    - measuring chemical process efficiency
    - capturing emerging technologies
  2. Doing breakthrough research
    - new ways to collaborate in developing innovative products and processes
    - smart scale-up techniques; instrumentation
    - what life sciences, and the services sector can teach the chemical industry about research
    - increasing the odds for success
  3. Knocking down the barriers to innovation
    - regulatory support/barriers- internal company practices- lack of talent and resources- killing the good ideas- the game plan for the innovative chemical company.

Papers submitted before the workshop and proceedings of the workshop will be edited, posted on the IUPAC website for additional discussion, and then printed in 2004.

This Forum took place in Ottawa, Canada, on August 9th, 2003.

> download 1st circular [pdf file-38KB] (posted 3 Mar 2003)
> download 2nd circular [pdf file-55KB] (posted 23 Jul 2003)

> link to the Agenda, including access to abstracts and presentations

> A report is published in Chemistry International, Sep-Oct 2004, p.3-6.

Project completed

Last update: 25 October 2005

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