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Number: 2004-031-1-022

Title: IUPAC-UNESCO-UNIDO Safety Training Program Workshop, Beijing, China

Task Group
Mark C. Cesa

Members: Jonathan Oyebamiji Babalola, I.O. Bakare, Esma Toprak, Ali A. El-Emam, Tersoo Charles Gwaza, Kelvin Khisa, Ana Luisa Arocena Saavedra, Jane Bochaberi Nyakang'o, and Guo-Hong Zhang

Completion Date: 2005 - project completed

Remark: The IUPAC-UNESCO-UNIDO Safety Training Program is a on-going activity of COCI; see <www.iupac.org/standing/coci/safety-program.html> for more details

This Workshop on the Safety Training Program will be used for communication to the public and to IUPAC leadership on recent activities by Fellows of the program in their home countries; to evaluate the effectiveness of the Safety Training Program to data in terms of fellows' home country activities; and to solicit ideas for improvements in the program and for possible expansion to incorporate new Host Companies and new regional trainees.

The Safety Training Program allows safety experts from developing countries to learn more about safety and environmental protective measures by visiting and working in plants of IUPAC Company Associates in the industrialized world. The International Union of Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the United Nations International Development Organization (UNIDO), have established and maintained the Safety Training Program to promote interactions between developed countries and the developing world to disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge on safety and environmental protection in chemical production. The beneficiaries are expected to use the training in their home countries to improve health and safety. This Workshop is planned as part of activities under the heading for Section 8 of the 40th IUPAC Congress, "Innovation in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries and Responsible Care for Society."

A similar, successful workshop was held at the IUPAC General Assembly and Congress in Ottawa in 2003; see Notes and Summary (pdf file - 16KB)

Each participant will prepare an oral presentation and poster along with a written paper. A Web page on the IUPAC Web site will be prepared to cover the proceedings and outcomes of the Workshop, where their reports, presentations, and a summary report will be published. The Workshop will include a panel discussion to identify ideas for improvement and expansion of the scope of the Safety Training Program.

The IUPAC/UNESCO/UNIDO Safety Training Program Workshop was conducted on 17 August 2005 at the IUPAC General Assembly and Congress in Beijing, China. The Workshop featured remarks and presentations by IUPAC Committee on Chemistry and Industry (COCI) leaders, representatives of SINOPEC and UNESCO, and eight Safety Training Program Fellows. Approximately 40 persons attended the Workshop, including Fellows, COCI members, IUPAC officials, and Congress attendees, and the Workshop was very well received.
> See workshop program

After remarks by COCI Chairman Dr. David A. Evans, Dr. Mark C. Cesa, Coordinator of the Safety Training Program, gave a presentation describing the program and the objectives of the Workshop.
> abstract [pdf]

Dr. Mu Shanjun, Deputy Director of the Chinese National Registration Center for Chemicals, gave a presentation highlighting the need for health, safety and environmental awareness and improvements in China.
> abstract [pdf]

Prof. Ali El-Emam, STP Fellow from Mansoura University, Egypt, spoke on the major challenges facing the proper application of chemical safety regulations in the third world. While implementation is uneven in the Arab world, El-Emam stated that a lack of personal protective equipment and infrastructure in laboratories was common. He proposes a new regional Safety Training Program geared toward the Arab world, where Fellows can act as mediators between IUPAC/UNESCO and authorities in local countries.
> abstract [pdf]

Esma Toprak, STP Fellow from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey and National Representative to COCI, gave a presentation on disseminating safety concepts in education. She recommended preparing laboratory manuals on safety for laboratory classes at universities for students, administrators and teachers, and for high school students. She also recommended establishing HSE teams, carrying out fire and emergency drills, and other pedagogical initiatives.
> abstract [pdf]

Kelvin Khisa, STP Fellow from the UNIDO National Cleaner Production Centre, Nairobi, Kenya and Congress Young Scientist awardee, spoke on material safety data sheets. He emphasized their importance as a hazard communication tool and made recommendations on how MSDS can be tailored for maximum effectiveness in developing countries.

Jane B. Nyakang'o, STP Fellow and Director of the Kenya UNIDO National Cleaner Production Centre, gave a presentation on the status of occupational health and safety in Kenya. She detailed recent regulatory changes in Kenya to provide for safety enhancements designed to reduce worker fatalities and accidents, and she described the role of the NCPC in building national capacity in occupational health and safety, including training and program implementation.
> abstract [pdf]

Ana Luisa Arocena, STP Fellow from Uruguay, described pharmaceutical and chemical waste management practices in Uruguay, which ranks third in the 2005 Environmental Sustainability Index of Yale and Columbia Universities in the US. Progress in chemical waste management in the context of an incomplete regulatory and budgetary environment was described.
> abstract [pdf]

Tersoo Charles Gwaza, STP Fellow from Shell Petrochemical Development Company in Nigeria, spoke on applications of best practices in safety and environmental protection. He has made contributions to health, safety and environmental planning, audits and projects at SPDC, trained staff, and applied safety management tools.
> abstract [pdf]

Isiaka O. Bakare, STP Fellow from the Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria and the most recent STP trainee, gave a presentation summarizing his training experience at Mitsui Chemical Co. of Japan, where a broad range of health, safety and environmental practices and procedures was covered.
> abstract [pdf]

Zhang GuoHong, STP Fellow from Unilever China, gave a presentation with recommendations on improving HSE management in China. He described four benchmark levels of HSE management, including a reactive level, awareness or dependence level, independence level, and interdependence level. He recommended applying risk assessment and safety observations to remind and require persons to "get HSE right."

Dr. Alexandre Pokrovsky, COCI member, IOCD Representative to IUPAC and First Vice President of the International Foundation for Science Education, presented remarks and suggestions on the future of the Safety Training Program. He encouraged Fellows and STP leaders to continue their hard work and commitment to the Program, and described several scenarios for future funding and organization, for example on a regional basis.

A panel discussion then followed. Remarks by Dr. Cesa included encouragement and thanks to the Fellows and other participants on their excellent productivity and progress in their home countries, to the Host Companies BP Chemicals, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sasol, Sankyo, and Mitsui Chemicals, and to IUPAC, COCI, UNESCO, UNIDO, Sinopec, and the Chinese Chemical Society for financial support and other assistance to make the Workshop a success. He encouraged all the Fellows to maintain contact with each other and to learn and apply the best practices each Fellow described at the Workshop.

As a result of the Workshop, the eight STP Fellows will bring new ideas for implementation of best practices in health, safety and environmental protection to their home countries, and they provided valuable suggestions for further improvements of the Safety Training Program.

A preliminary account of the Workshop has appeared in the Nov-Dec 2005 issue of Chemistry International [more]

project completed

Last update: 19 January 2006


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