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Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins in perspective at the turn of the millennium

Edited by Willem J. de Koe, Robert A. Samson, Hans P. van Egmond, John Gilbert and Myrna Sabino

W.J. de Koe, 2001 [ISBN 90-9014801-9]

This book contains symposium keynote lecture, plenary lectures which introduce each topic area, and contributed oral papers presented at the Xth International IUPAC Symposium on Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins, held from 21 to 25 May 2000 in Guaruj´┐Ż, Brazil.

Brazil made history in the mycotoxin area when aflatoxin was detected for the first time in Brazilian peanut meal exported to England, explained M. Sabino. From that time, a new field of research was created: mycotoxicology. After 40 years, the opportunity emerged to gather the renowned authorities in the area to discuss the problem in where this contaminant was first detected. Being a country with continental dimensions, Brazil is subject to climatic diversities, consequently, the possibility of producing mycotoxins other then the aflatoxins. Fortunately, various research groups, governmental agencies, universities and industries are working together to minimize the problem and today the level of contamination is no longer what is was used to get together and discuss various topics such as control and/or prevention, new methods of detection, decontamination, etc.

- Global Significance of Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins -Analytical developments on mycotoxins - Quality assurance, proficiency testing and methods validation - Sampling for mycotoxins - Risk assessment of mycotoxins - Occurrence of mycotoxins and human exposure - Toxicology- mode of action of mycotoxins - Prevention of mycotoxins and decontamination - Research on mycotoxins in developing countries - Mycology and mycotoxins - Analytical developments on phycotoxins - Occurrence of phycotoxins and human exposure - Toxicology of phycotoxins - Chemistry of phycotoxins - Phycotoxins - toxicity produced by cyanobacteria - Risk assessment of phycotoxins and safety of seafood - Round tables -- Round table on analytical methods for developing countries -- Round table on nomenclature for phycotoxins - Index

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