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Methanol, International Thermodynamic
Tables of the Fluid State Vol 12

K. M. de Reuck

Blackwell Science,1993 [ISBN 0632023791]

World production of methanol is growing rapidly and its uses are expanding as a result of environmental legislation requiring the use of cleaner fuels. A new equation of state has been developed which represents the available reliable data to within their experimental accuracy. In particular the equation is able to represent the rapid increase in the heat capacity of the gas near to saturation which results from the association of the molecules due to hydrogen bonding. This book contains the tables of the equilibrium properties for both the liquid and the gas, complemented by a critical assessment of all the data and comparisons with the equation of state.

* comprehensive survey of all published thermodynamic data on methanol

* new and unique representation of the correct behaviour of the heat capacities in the gas phase

* essential reference material


Experimental results; The equation of state; Auxiliary equations; The IUPAC tables; Contents of Part 2 (on diskette): Ideal gas properties; Zero-pressure properties; Properties of the saturation curve; Single-phase properties; Properties of the melting curve

40 illustrations
320 pages


© 1998 Blackwell Science Ltd


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