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History of IUPAC 1919-1987

R. W. Fennell
Blackwell Science,1994 [ISBN 0865428786]

Published to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the foundation of IUPAC, this book provides an account of the development of the policy and structure of the Union as it sought to fulfill its objectives. It portrays IUPAC as a focus for the worldwide community of chemists, and demonstrates the importance of continuing international communication and collaboration.

* a celebration of 75 years of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

Before 1919 - the antecedents of IUPAC; Formation of International Research Council, of International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry and of International Council of Scientific Unons; IUPAC's first decade; The troubled thirties; Postwar reconstruction; Restructuring of the Union; The new Union takes shape; IUPAC takes on a more professional aspect; New programmes, new publisher, new Secretariat, new Statutes; A wider outlook - into the 80s.

42 illustrations
384 pages

> Supplement to the History covering period 1988-1999; also including Name Index


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