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Measurement of the Thermodynamic Properties of Single Phases

Edited by Anthony Goodwin, KN Marsh, and WA Wakeham

Elsevier, 2003 [ISBN 0-444-50931-3]

> Book Series on Experimental Thermodynamics

The editors of this volume were assigned the task of assembling an international team of distinguished experimentalists, to describe the current state of development of the techniques of measurement of the thermodynamic quantities of single phases, consisting of both pure fluids and compositionally complex mixtures, over a wide range of conditions. The resulting volume admirably fulfills this brief and contains a valuable summary of a large variety of experimental techniques applicable over a wide range of thermodynamic states with an emphasis on the precision and accuracy of the results obtained. Those interested in the art of measurements, and in particular engaged in the measurement of thermodynamic properties, will find this material invaluable for the guidance it provides towards the development of new and more accurate techniques. Readers will find that the text has a strong practical bias and includes both detailed working equations and figures for the experimental methods. The volume addresses a general audience of academics, graduate students and industrial readers, and is the most comprehensive text in this field since the publication of Experimental Thermodynamics Volume II in 1975.

For universities and other higher-education systems concerned with Chemical Engineering; Petroleum and Chemistry Departments; National Standards Laboratories; Private laboratories who specialize in the measurement of thermodynamic properties; Petroleum industries (including Natural gas) and industries that service petroleum exploration and production, chemical, regulatory and pharmaceutical; Government organizations; Independent Standards Organizations; Professional Societies


Selected Papers. Temperature. Thermodynamic origin of temperature. Fixed points. Radiation thermometry. Special thermocouples.

Pressure. Electronic pressure gauges. Piston gauges. Pressure measurements in a diamond anvil. Low pressure.

Mixture Preparation and Sampling Hydrocarbon Reservoir Fluids. Preparation of fluid Mixtures. Sampling hydrocarbon reservoir fluids.

Density. Hydrostatic balance densimeters with magnetic suspension couplings. Bellows volumetry. Absolute density standards. In situ density measurements.

Speed of Sound. Measurements of the speed of sound. Thermodynamic properties from the speed of sound.

Calorimetry. Flow calorimetry. AC calorimetry. Differential scanning calorimetry. Nano-calorimetry.

Properties of Mixing. Properties of gas mixtures. Mixtures of liquids. Experimental techniques for the determination of energetic.

Relative Permittivity and Refractive Index. Relative permittivity. Refractive index. Relative permittivities of electrolytes.

Extreme Conditions. Low temperatures. High temperatures. Molten metals.

350 pages

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<book announcement published in Chem. Int. Nov-Dec 2003>


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