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Structure and Surface Reactions of Soil Particles

Series on Analytical and Physical Chemistry of Environmental Systems - Vol. 4

P.M. Huang, N. Senesi, and J. Buffle

J. John Wiley & Sons, 1998 [ISBN 0-471-95936-7]

A fundamental understanding of soil structures and processes at the molecular and microscopic level is essential to understanding and regulating the behavior of environmental systems. Structure and Surface Reactions Particles, the definitive guide to the analysis of soil, addresses the basics of structure and surface reactions of soil particles and colloids.

Here, leading scientists review and evaluate the best sampling and analysis methods currently avalaible, and summarize possible future research. Ideal for graduate students, chemists and biologists working in environmental analysis and soil chemists studying the effects of landfill, pesticides and climate change, this book specially covers:

  • Minerals-organics-microbes interactions in the soil environment.
  • Fractal approach in the evaluation of soil particle dimensions.
  • Aggregation and surface chemistry.
  • Modern advanced instrumentation in analysis of soil particles

492 pages

> Ordering info available on the Wiley website

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