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Compendium of Analytical Nomenclature
The Orange Book - 3rd Edition

J. Inczedy, T. Lengyel, and A.M. Ure
Blackwell Science, 1998 [ISBN 0-632-05127-2]

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(first posted Aug 2002)

This authoritative compendium updates and replaces the first edition, which proved so valuable for all who needed to use the officially recommended analytical nomenclature mandated by IUPAC. Since the first edition the demand for new analytical procedures has increased steadily and at the same time the diversity of the techniques has expanded and the quality and performance characteristics of the procedures have come to be a focus of interest. New types of instrumental and automatic techniques have emerged and computerization has taken over. The scope of analytical chemistry has been widened as the question to be answered was not only the chemical composition of the sample, but also the structure of substances, and changes in composition and structure in space and time. This new volume will be an indispensable reference resource for the coming decade.

Preamble; Fundamental physico-chemical terms and quantities used in analytical chemistry; Presentation of the results of chemical analysis; Solution thermodynamics; Precision balances; Thermoanalytical and enthalpimetric methods; Titrimetric analysis; Automatic analysis; Electrochemical analysis; Analytical separation methods; Spectrochemical analysis; Other optical methods; Mass spectroscopy; Diffraction methods; Magnetic methods of analysis; Kentic methods of analysis; Radioanalytical methods; surface analysis; Quality assurance of analytical processes; Applications; Index

964 pages


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