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Chemical Thermodynamics for Industry

Edited by T Letcher

RSC, 2004 [ISBN 0 85404 591 0]

Chemical Thermodynamics for Industry presents the latest developments in applied thermodynamics and highlights the role of thermodynamics in the chemical industry. Written by leading experts in the field the book covers the latest developments in traditional areas such as calorimetry microcalorimetry transport properties crystallization adsorption electrolyte systems and transport fuels. It highlights newly established areas such as multiphase modelling reactive distillation non-equilibrium thermodynamics and spectro-calorimetry. It also explores new ways of treating old technologies as well as new and potentially important areas such as ionic liquids new materials ab-initia quantum chemistry nano-particles polymer recycling clathrates and the economic value of applied thermodynamics. This book is aimed not only at those working in a specific area of chemical thermodynamics but also at the general chemist the prospective researcher and those involved in funding chemical research.

Brief Contents

Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics in Industry; A Modelling Technique for Non-Equilibrium Metallurgical Processes Applied to the LD-Converter; Multi-phase Thermodynamics of Pulp Suspensions; Reactive Distillation; Thermodynamic Properties from Quantum Chemistry; Thermodynamics of Natural Gas Clathrate Hydrates; Ionic Liquids in Separation Processes; Spectrocalorimetric Screening for Complex Process Optimization; Microcalorimetry for the Pharmaceutical Industry; Isothermal Flow-Microcalorimetry; Principles and Applications for Industry; Transport Properties and Industry; Micro- and Nano-particle Production Using Supercritical Fluids; Calorimetric Measurements of Thermophysical Properties for Industry; Plastic Recycling; Industry Perspective on the Economic Value of Applied Thermodynamics and the Unmet Needs of AspenTech Clients; Thermodynamics of New Materials; Thermodynamic Prediction of the Formation and Composition Ranges of Metastable Coating Structures in PVD Processes; Thermodynamics of Nano-Sized Particles; Thermodynamics of Electrolyte Systems of Industry; Thermodynamics for Crystallization; Thermodynamics of Adsorption; Mesoscopic Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics of Polymer Crystallization; Applied Thermodynamics for Petroleum Fluids in the Refining Industry; Subject Index

Approx 276 pages.

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