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Chemistry of Advanced Materials
A "Chemistry for the 21st Century Monograph".


C N R Rao
Blackwell Science,1993 [ISBN

One of the major new directions in chemical sciences is related to advance materials. An increasingly important role is played by the chemist in the development of advanced materials such as ceramics, metals, organics, inorganics, polymers and a variety of other substances in various states of aggregation and with diverse perspectives and applications. Tailor-making materials of the desired structure and properties is an important facet of the chemistry of advanced materials and whilst it is not possible, in a
manageable volume, to cover all classes of materials or all the aspects of any given family of materials, the editor has chosen a selection of topics which provide the flavour of this important area of chemistry with all its facets. The articles included in this new monograph provide an up-to-date survey of the important aspects of modern materials. Chemistry of Advanced Materials firmly establishes this area of chemistry as a part of mainstream chemistry and provides students, teachers and practitioners with a valuable reference resource.
* published to focus the attention of the chemical community to the important role played by chemists in the design and development of materials
*a selection of typical topics provides an overview of the chemistry of advanced materials with all its facets
* a valuable resource for students, teachers and practitioners
* firmly establishes the chemistry of advanced materials as a part of mainstream chemistry
*the editor is a past-president of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry and enjoys a worldwide reputation.


Sol-gel route for materials synthesis; Combustion: New manifestations of an ancient process; Synthesis of oxide materials; The pyrosol process of the pyrolysis of an ultrasonically generated aerosol; Ferroelectric tungsten bronze oxides - a case study of optoelectronic materials; Rapidly solidified magnetic materials; Superconducting materials; Nitride ceramics; Principles of the shape memory effect in
nickel-titanium; Nanomaterials; Extended molecular electronic materials; Functionalized polymeric materials for electronics and optics; Molecular Electronics: Status and Prospects;Diamond thin films; Catalysts and adsorbents; Composite thermistors;
Amorphous materials

205 illustrations
416 pages

© 1998 Blackwell Science Ltd


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