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Compendium of Terminology and Nomenclature of Properties
in Clinical Laboratory Sciences - The Silver Book


J C Rigg, S S Brown, R Dybkaer, H Oleson

Blackwell Science,1995 [ISBN 0865426120]

Clinical chemical data are used in many ways in the prevention, diagnosis and treatent of disease. It is obviously essential that the properties measured in the clinic and the results communicated from the laboratory to the clinician are correctly understood. The new Silver Book contains internationally accepted conventions in terminology and nomenclature in clinical chemistry, and is the key to clarity and precision in communication in the discipline

* international standards in terminology required by every clinical chemist
*with the backing of internationaly recognized organizations such as IUPAC and the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry

Preface; History of recommendations on quantities and units in clinical chemistry; Definitions of some disciplines applied in the clinical laboratory; Conventions and instructions for use; Fundamental concepts: system, component and entity, process; Principles and practice of quantities and units; Requesting, generating and transmitting clinical information; Choice and use of kinds-of-quantity for different analytical purposes; Kinds-of-quantity of dimension one; SI unit 1; Kinds-of-quantity of dimension other than one; Bibliography

10 illustrations
304 pages

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