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Perspectives in Catalysis
A "Chemistry for the 21st Century Monograph".

J. M. Thomas, K. I. Zamaraev

Blackwell Science,1992 [ISBN

Catalysis is considered worldwide as one of the top research frontiers of chemistry. It is the backbone of the chemical industry and hence the key to the production of fabrics, foodstuffs, fuels and pharmaceuticals. It is also a fundamental feature of all life processes. The last three decades have witnessed, in the scientific study of catalysis, a progressive shift from phenomenological approaches to structured and mechanistic investigations at the molecular level, using new sophisticated and very powerful instrumentation, quantum chemical calculations and other computational methods. Given the profound effect that these recent research advances will have upon our industries in the 21st century, it is perfectly proper that one of the first books in this series should be dedicated to catalysis

* catalysis is considered worldwide os one of the top research frontiers in chemistry
* the backbone of chemistry and thus the key to the production of many of our basic materials
* the recent advances over thirty years are poised to have a dramatic effect on the efficiency, safety and quality of our industries
* an international, expert authorship
* an essential and timely reference for the industrial chemical and related industries


Creating the future of chemical industry: catalysis by molecular design; Perspectives in catalysis: via studies on molecular level to new industrial catalysts and processes; Design of catalysts based on metal complexes; Catalysis with giant palladium clusters;
Surface organometallic chemistry in oxides, zeolites and metals; Correlations and differences between homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis: a surface sciences view; Catalysis with organized molecular systems; Kinetics in catalysis; Kinetic models in heterogeneous catalysis; Modelling of heterogeneous catalytic reactions and reactors; New trends in the analysis and design of catalytic reactors; Catalytic chemistry of methane conversion; Catalysis for energy production; The application of catalyst technology to pollution control; Architecture of oxide catalysts; New insights into zeolite catalysis; Heteropoly acid catalysis: a unique blend of acid-base and redox properties; Catalysis with clays and their pillared variants; Index

184 illustrations
512 pages


© 1998 Blackwell Science Ltd


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