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Stereocontrolled Organic Synthesis
A "Chemistry for the 21st Century Monograph".

B. M. Trost

Blackwell Science,1994 [ISBN

Synthetic organic chemistry is currently advancing in many new and exciting directions. Formation of C-H, C-O and C-C bonds with high diastero- and enantio-selectivity is still emerging, and as methods such as these develop, sythetic strategies to complex organic molecules follow. By being able to make structural entities at will, the prospect for understanding molecular function, especially biological function, increases. In this multi-author volume, leading practitioners from around the world explore
contemporary issues in synthetic organic chemistry and discuss their implications for the future. Synthetic efficiency is the underlying theme of the contributions, with stereocontrol the major issue. A state-of-the-art summary for all synthetic organic chemists


Binapthyls as chiral elements for asymmetric synthesis; Chiral titanium complex in asymmetric construction of carbon skeletons; Chiral Lewis acids as efficient catalysts in asymmetric synthesis; Enantioselective reactions using chiral lithium amides; Organometallic compounds for selective C-C bond formation and for molecular recognition; Synergistic effects of heteroatoms in organic synthesis; Chiral auxillary based C-C bond forming reactions; Stereocontrolled synthesis of functionalized cyclohexanes via Diels-Alder cycloadditions of 2-pyrones and 2-pyridines; Adventures in cycloaddition reactions: past, present and future; Asymmetric synthesis using main group allylmetal reagents: remote asymmetric induction using allylstannanes; Stereoselective synthesis of polypeptide natural products, achievements and future development; Directed and predictable stereoselectivity results and future goals; New strategy for steroid synthesis based on Pd catalyzed regio and stereoselective hydrogenolynes and elimination reactions of allylic carbonates and formates; Stereocontrolled construction of cyclooctanoid natural products by claisen-based ring expansion; Synthesis of optically active pyrethroids; Biocatalytic methods for enantioselective synthesis; Asymmetric synthesis based on enzymes; Enantioselective sulfoxidations catalyzed heme-dependent monooxygenases; Asymmetry in bioorganic chemistry - its importance and usefulness; Stereochemical aspects of antitumor activity of bleomycin

113 illustrations
496 pages


© 1998 Blackwell Science Ltd



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