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Chemistry International
Vol. 24, No. 6
November 2002


Awards and Honors

Dana Knox Receives the Franzosini Award

Dr. Dana Knox

Paolo Franzosini, professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Pavia, Italy was an enthusiastic supporter of the Solubility Data Project. He had almost completed Volume 33 of the Solubility Data Series when he died suddenly on 24 January 1985. His colleagues Paolo Ferloni, Alberto Schiraldi, and Giorgio Spinolo efficiently completed the volume. In 1988, Franzosini’s wife, with the encouragement of his colleagues, very generously donated the payments for Volume 33 to the Solubility Data Commission (V.8) to establish the Franzosini Award. The award is given to a promising young contributor to the Solubility Data Project (SDP) to help them attend, in even years, the International Symposium on Solubility Phenomena (ISSP) and, in odd years, the annual meetings of the commission. As of 2002, the chair of the new Subcommittee on Solubility and Equilibrium Data (SSED) receives nominations for the award (The capital is held by IUPAC and the IUPAC Secretariat does the accounting.). The recipients of the Franzosini Award are listed in the table below.

The Franzosini Award of 2002 was given to Dr. Dana Knox in appreciation of his continuous contributions to the Solubility Data Project. His expertise in solution thermodynamics, including better representation of high-pressure phase equilibria, such as supercritical solubilities has led to the following project on Solids and Liquids in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, which belongs to the section on Solubility Data Related to Industrial Processes. See the Web site for the project description <> or page 20, under "New Solubility Data Projects."

Carbon dioxide itself is an important industrial solvent. The corresponding volume will contain comprehensive compilations and evaluations of the existing data on the solubility of solids and liquids in supercritical CO2. Processing using supercritical fluids is an increasingly important area worldwide. Such processes, with their significant variation in solubility with pressure, permit the accomplishment of many processes that would be otherwise very difficult to achieve. Further, systems that employ carbon dioxide as the solvent are particularly attractive as CO2 is environmentally friendly.

Dr. Knox is associate professor of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Science within the Department of Chemical Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (USA).

Franzosini Award Winners*
Year Venue Recipient Promoter
1989 15th meeting, Lund, Sweden Rumen Duhlev (Bulgaria) Chr. Balarew
1990 16th meeting, Troy, NY, USA
4th ISSP
Pirketta Scharlin (Finland) R. Battino
1991 17th meeting, Hamburg, Germany A. Pacheco Tanaka (Peru) A. Namor
1992 18th meeting, Moscow, Russia
5th ISSP
Stefan Gradinarov (Bulgaria) Chr. Balarew
1993 19th meeting, Lisbon, Portuga Michel Ferriol (France) and Teresa Calvet (Spain) M.-Th. Cohen-Adad
1994 20th meeting, Buenos Aires, Argentina
6th ISSP
Erich Königsberger (Austria) H. Gamsjäger
1995 21st meeting, Guildford, UK Felix José Sueros (Peru) A. Namor
1996 22nd meeting, Leoben, Austria





1997 23rd meeting, Geneva, Switzerland





1998 24th meeting, Niigata, Japan
8th ISSP
Lan-Chi Tran-Ho (Austria) H. Gamsjäger
1999 25th meeting, Berlin, Germany Chiara Milanese (Italy) A. D'Aprano
2000 26th meeting, Hammamet, Tunesia
9th ISSP
Vladimir Zbranek (Czech Republic) J. Eysseltová
2001 27th meeting, Brisbane, Australia Justin Salminen (Finland) P. Scharlin
2002 1st meeting SSED, Varna, Bulgaria
10th ISSP
Dana E. Knox (USA) R. P.T. Tomkins
*established by Mrs. M. C. Franzosini in 1988 at the 14th SDP meeting, Surrey, UK.





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