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Pure Appl. Chem. 75(10), 1395-1402, 2003

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 75, Issue 10

Challenge in polymer physics*

M. Doi

Department of Computational Science and Engineering, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan

Abstract: One of the challenges in polymer physics is to predict the structure and properties of polymeric materials from their microstructures and processing conditions by integrating various theories and simulation methods. We have been involved in such a challenge through a governmental project involving computational modeling of polymeric materials. This article discusses how we tackled the challenge and describes the system we developed.

*Lecture presented at the IUPAC Polymer Conference on the Mission and Challenges of Polymer Science and Technology (IUPAC PC2002), Kyoto, Japan, 2-5 December 2002. Other presentations are published in this issue, pp. 1359-1402.

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