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Macromolecular Division (IV)


Dr. Edward S. Wilks, Titular Member of the IUPAC Commission on Macromolecular Nomenclature, has prepared an easy and less formal guide to IUPAC recommendations on macromolecular nomenclature. All IUPAC recommendations referred to in this guide have been previously published in Pure and Applied Chemistry.

It has been the goal of the IUPAC Commission on Macromolecular Nomenclature to improve communication between polymer scientists by recommending unambiguous, standardized, and universally understood names and structure representations of polymers.

IUPAC Recommendations on Macromolecular (Polymer) Nomenclature

Guide for the Authors of Papers and Reports in Polymer Science and Technology

This guide is out-of-date and conflicts with recommendations more recently published in the Red Book. A revised version is being prepared which will also take into account the recommendations to be released in the 2nd edition of the Purple Book.
> guide-for-authors.pdf (254KB, June 2001)

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