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Provisional Recommendations

Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division

Thermochemistry of Chemical Reactions:
I. Terminology and Symbols

This work, which is presented in two parts, is concerned with the most currently experimental techniques used on the study of the thermochemistry of chemical reactions. The first part of this recommendation deals with the terminology and symbols, discusses the meaning, designation and symbols of the different parameters used in molecular thermodynamic studies. The second part is a brief description of the most important methods used to investigate the thermodynamic stability of molecules and chemical bonds, together with a detailed analysis of its basic assumptions and how thermodynamic quantities are derived.

> Download full text of the Provisional Recommendations (pdf file - 334KB)

* Part II entitled 'Experimental Methods for the Determination of Bond Energies', is to be published as a separate technical report.
> Download full text/draft version (pdf file - 833KB)

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