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Interdivisional Committee on Nomenclature and Symbols

On the use of italic and roman fonts for symbols in scientific text

Scientific manuscripts frequently fail to follow the accepted conventions concerning the use of italic and roman fonts for symbols. An italic font is generally used for emphasis in running text, but it has a quite specific meaning when used for symbols in scientific text and equations. The following summary is intended to help in the correct use of italic in preparing manuscript material. (revised December 1999)

Questions or comments regarding this document, please contact I.M. Mills or W.V. Metanomski, or IDCNS Members


> This document was slightly revised in 2007 and full text included in the in the GUIDELINES FOR DRAFTING IUPAC TECHNICAL REPORTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS and also in the 3rd edition of the IUPAC Green Book.

Page last modified 8 October 2007
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