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Duties and Responsibilities of the IUPAC Representative to an IUPAC Sponsored Conference


An official IUPAC Representative will be designated to sponsored conferences. The IUPAC Representative is the person who communicates to the conference participants the value of IUPAC to them and their work. It is expected that the conference organizers will give the Representative the opportunity to address the conference and give a brief overview of IUPAC and its work. To assist the Representative in this task, the Secretariat will provide a set of slides in PowerPoint format with general background information about IUPAC. The Representative is free to select material that is relevant to the conference, but it is hoped that this will usually include some information on IUPAC's general goals, the project system, and the IUPAC web site. Attention should be directed to any IUPAC literature that is available at the conference.

In some instances the relevant Division or Standing Committee may ask the Representative to undertake specific tasks. These could include holding a short workshop session to encourage submission of IUPAC projects or to encourage participation in existing projects.

In addition, the Representative is asked to complete a confidential questionnaire evaluating both the organizational and scientific aspects of the conference. This questionnaire will be used by the sponsoring Division or Standing Committee to assist future organizers of the same series in organizing a conference and by the Evaluation Committee to evaluate a conference series.

The duties and responsibilities of the Representative are summarized in the points given below. They are divided into two groups, General duties relating to IUPAC as a whole and duties that are specific to the needs of a particular Division or Standing Committee.

General duties

    1. Deliver an address describing IUPAC and its work
    2. Encourage the participants to examine the IUPAC materials provided to the conference
    3. Complete the confidential evaluation form

Possible duties specific to a Division or Standing Committee

    1. Conduct a workshop on submitting an IUPAC project
    2. Conduct a workshop to discuss a current IUPAC project or projects either to obtain input, or participants, for a new project, or to collect comments on a draft recommendation or report
    3. Review all current projects of interest to the participants with the aim of recruiting volunteers to participate as Task Group Members
    4. Present a lecture or a poster to describe a recent report or recommendation


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