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Financial Support for Conferences


In general, IUPAC sponsorship of a conference or symposium attests to its quality but does not carry financial support. However, Divisions and Standing Committees of IUPAC may apply for financial support via two programs for Conferences:
- New Directions in Chemistry
- Scientifically Emerging Regions

IUPAC modest financial support -of the order of USD 4000 per conference- is to promote the specific participation of international expert lecturers or of young scientists and advanced students from that region or to realize the specific participation of IUPAC Lecturers.

Conferences on New Directions in Chemistry
This IUPAC program provides modest financial support on a competitive basis, to Divisions and Standing Committees that wish to support or organize a symposia or workshops on the "frontiers of science" within the framework of a Conference. For example, symposia or workshops could (i) explore the contribution/application of chemistry into a new field, (ii) explore the contribution/application of a new field to the core topic of a conference, or (iii) consider new interdisciplinary areas of research involving chemistry.

The support will be directed towards designated symposium lecturer(s) and to the attendance of young scientists. The meeting must be located in a country represented in IUPAC by a National Adhering Organization. Conferences that are part of an IUPAC series may be considered under this program if the symposium/workshop has significant focus on new frontiers in chemistry or it focuses on a novel interaction of chemistry with a new domain.


Conferences in Scientifically Emerging Regions
This IUPAC program provides modest financial support on a competitive basis, to Divisions and Standing Committees that wish to support or organize conferences that are located in scientifically emerging regions. The intent is to impact on scientifically emerging regions where a priori IUPAC has currently few activities, by supporting local initiatives or those coordinated by IUPAC Divisions or Committees.

Application Procedure
Application must be coordinated with and endorsed by an IUPAC Division President or IUPAC Standing Committee Chair. Thus it is appropriate for the Conference organizer to discuss the Conference program and objectives, and the identification of an IUPAC lecturer with the relevant IUPAC Division or Standing Committee during preparation of the applicationr.

The completed form, including the endorsement, should be submitted to the Secretariat for processing at least 12 months before the Conference. The review process should be completed in four to six weeks.

> For more details, see the specific Application Form and Guidelines: (forms revised 28 June 2011)

- FSC New Directions in Chemistry [doc file-129KB]
- FSC Scientifically Emerging Regions [doc file-134KB]

> post approval info
- Obtaining IUPAC Financial Support [pdf file-83KB]
- Information for and Responsibilities of Organizers of IUPAC-Sponsored Meetings [pdf file-171KB]

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