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Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division (I)


Number: 2002-063-1-100

Title: Chemical thermodynamics in industry

Task Group
: T.M. Letcher

Members: Theo de Loos, John Dymond, and Ron Weir

Completion Date: 2004 - project completed

To bring to the attention of a wide audience, the pivotal role that Chemical Thermodynamics plays in the Chemical Industry of the 21st century.

The book is to be written for chemical engineers and industrial chemists, funders of chemical research, and research students and general chemists.
Draft outline

  1. Multi-phase thermodynamics of pulp suspensions - scale-up and reactor design with thermochemical models (combining reaction rates with Gibbs energy models)
  2. Use of multi-phase thermodynamics in slag metallurgy and steelmaking
  3. Metastable coating structures in PVD-coatings
  4. Properties of nano-size particles by using multi- phase thermodynamics
  5. Distillation (more in particular reactive distillation) (Arlt, Germany)
  6. Thermo properties from ab initio quantum chemistry (Sandler, USA)
  7. Molecular modelling (Cummings, USA)
  8. Bioseparations/downstream processing (Van der Wielen, Holland)
  9. Fine particle production (Reverchon, France)
  10. Polymer synthesis in ScFl's (Beckman, USA)
  11. Sustainability (De Swaan Arons, Holland)
  12. Ionic liquids (Heintz, Germany)
  13. Reactions in ScFl's (Eckert, USA/Poliakoff, UK)
  14. Polymer recycling (Kleintjens, Holland)
  15. Non-equilibrium thermo (Ratkje, Norway)
  16. Process simulation
  17. Non-classical critical phenomena (Sengers/ Anisimov, USA)
  18. Self-ordering systems
  19. CO2 sequestration
  20. Clathrates (Dendy Sloan)
  21. Reactive Distillation
  22. Molecular Thermodynamics (Prausnitz)
  23. Thermodynamic Properties of new materials (Manfred Martin, Aachen)
  24. Thermodynamic Properties of Polymers for Industry (Ralf Dohrn,Bayer, Germany)
  25. Thermodynamic Properties of Mixing for Industry (Chris Wormold, Bristol)
  26. Calorimetric Measurements for Industry (Jean-Pierre Grolier, U of Blaise Pascale)
  27. Flow Microcalorimetry measurements and Industry (Tony Beezer, U of Greenwich)
  28. Transport Properties and Industry (Bill Wakeham or Hartmut Brueschke, Germany)
  29. Viscosity of Refrigerants in Industry (Bill Wakeham)

Book published by RSC, October 2004
ISBN 0 85404 591 0
> see book

project completed

Last update: 13 September 2005


<project announcement published in Chem. Int. Jan 2004>

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