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Number: 2006-051-1-022

Title: IUPAC-UNESCO-UNIDO Safety Training Program Workshop, Turin, Italy

Task Group
Mark C. Cesa

Members: Aldo Bologna Alles, Michael D. Booth, and Khalidah Al-Dalama

Remark: The IUPAC-UNESCO-UNIDO Safety Training Program is a on-going activity of COCI; see <www.iupac.org/standing/coci/safety-program.html> for more details.
> 2004 Workshop, Beijing, China [project 2004-031-1-022]

Completion Date: 2008 - project completed

This Workshop on the Safety Training Program will be used for communication to the public and to IUPAC leadership on recent activities by Fellows of the program in their home countries; to evaluate the effectiveness of the Safety Training Program in terms of fellows' home country activities; to learn from invited speakers who are experts in health, safety, and environmental matters; and to solicit ideas for improvements in the program and for possible expansion to incorporate new Host Companies and new regional trainees.

The Safety Training Program allows safety experts from developing countries to learn more about safety and environmental protective measures by visiting and working in plants of IUPAC Company Associates in the industrialized world. The International Union of Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the United Nations International Development Organization (UNIDO) have established the Safety Training Program to disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge on safety and environmental protection in chemical production. The beneficiaries are expected to use the training in their home countries to improve health, safety and environment.

This Workshop is planned as part of activities at the 41st IUPAC Congress under the heading for either Session 1, "Chemistry Protecting the Environment;" Session 2, "Chemistry Protecting Human Health;" or Session 10, "Advances in Chemical Education." Similar workshops were held at the IUPAC General Assembly and Congress in Ottawa in 2003 - see Notes and Summary (pdf file - 16KB)- and at Beijing in 2005 - see project 2004-031-1-022.

Each Trainee participant will be expected to submit an abstract for a poster to be presented at the Workshop; these abstracts will be critically reviewed before Trainees' applications for the Workshop will be accepted. The critical review is intended to assure that the Trainees have made tangible progress on dissemination of learnings in their home countries. In addition to the poster session, the Workshop will include lecutres by Italian and other regional speakers who are expert in chemical health, safety and environmental protection. A Web page on the IUPAC Web site will be prepared to cover the proceedings and outcomes of the Workshop, where ther reports, presentations, and a summary report will be published.

The Workshop will include a panel discussion to identify ideas for improvement and expansion of the scope of the Safety Training Program.The Workshop is intended to span a full day at the Congress, with the presentations and panel discussion preceding the poster presentations for Workshop participants. Posters are also expected to be presented at one of the scheduled Congress poster sessions.

> Workshop Program
Event held Thursday, 9 August 2007, 10:00 am.

project completed ; see <www.iupac.org/standing/coci/safety-program.html> for more details.

Last update: 6 June 2008


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