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Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 68, No. 9 (1996)


IUPAC White Book on Chlorine

A contribution to the debate on the effect of chlorine and chlorine-containing compounds on the environment.



Over the past few years, much concern has been expressed bout the effect of Chlorine and Chlorine-containing compounds on the environment. This 'White Book' constitutes an independent and unbiased contribution from the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), in its capacity as an international nongovernmental organization, to the continuing debate on the Chlorine Issue. The chapters, prepared by experts from throughout the world, evaluate critically various aspects of the subject and are of interest not only to academic institutions, industry, governmental agencies and environmental organizations, but also to the general public.

The 'White Book' is the first publication by IUPAC of this type. Similar analyses are envisaged of the chemical aspects of other globally importnat issues, in which IUPAC can play a role, standing firmly on a scientific foundation independent from governments and industry, by calling on its worldwide network of experts from various fields of chemistry.

René-Paul Martin
Chairman, Committee on Chemistry and Industry
Guy Jean Martens
Member, Committee on Chemistry and Industry and Project Coordinator

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G. Porter Chlorine - An Introduction
T.E. Graedel and W.C. Keene  The Budget and Cycle of Earth's Natural Chlorine
G.W. Gribble The Diversity of Natural Organochlorines in Living Organisms
J. Fauvarque  The Chlorine Industry
K.R. Solomon Chlorine in the Bleaching of Pulp and Paper
H. Galal-Gorchev   Chlorine in Water Disinfection
J. Miyamoto   Environmental and Health Issues
M.J. Molina The Role of Chlorine in Stratospheric Chemistry
H.W. Sidebottom and J. Franklin   The Atmospheric Fate and Impact of Hydrochlorofluorocarbons and Chlorinated Solvents
K. Ballschmiter  Persistent, Ecotoxic and Bioaccumulative Compounds and their Possible Environmental Effects
Ch. Rappe Sources and Environmental Concentrations of Dioxins and Related Compounds
A. Hanberg Toxicology of Environmentally Persistent Chlorinated Organic Compounds
R. Papp   Organochlorine Waste Management
G. Menges PVC Recycling Management
A. E. Fischli Conclusions

Organizations Involved with Chlorine

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