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Committee on Chemistry Education (CCE)


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> The International Chemistry Olympiad, by Jan Apotheker
(Chem. Int. 2005, July-Aug , p. 3)
> Chemical Education and Sustainable Development, by Natalia Tarasova (Chem. Int. May-June 2005, p. 31)
> A Joint OPCW-IUPAC Project on Education and Outreach Regarding Chemical Weapons (Chem. Int. May-June 2005, p. 20)
> Public Understanding of Science: Identifying IUPAC's Niche
(Chem. Int. May-June 2005, p. 19)
> The first YACs meet in Taiwan, by Lida Schoen (Chem. Int. 2005, Mar-Apr, p. 20)

> Tetrahedral Chemistry Education: Shaping What is to Come, by Peter Mahaffy (Chem. Int. 2004, Nov-Dec, p. 14)
> The Future of Chemistry Education - report from Istanbul, by Lida Schoen (Chem. Int. 2004, Nov-Dec, p. 12) and "Chemistry is Everywhere"
> Visualizations and Translations - the challenge of communicating chemistry, by Celia M. Henry (C&EN 4 Oct 2004, p. 46)
> The Overwhelming Success of the poster Competition, by Lida Schoen (Chem. Int. 2003, Nov-Dec, p. 4)
> New Strategies for the New IUPAC Committee on Chemistry Education, by P.W. Atkins (Chem. Int. 2003, Jan-Feb, p.4)
> IUPAC Divisions and Education: A Case for Joint Projects, by Bob Bucat (Chem. Int. 2002, Jan-Feb, p. 10)

- ad hoc Education Strategy Development Committee (ESDC)
- IUPAC 41st GA and Satellite Symposium on Chemistry Education

Since January 2002, this Committee supersedes the Committee on Teaching of Chemistry (CTC)


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