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Committee on Chemistry Education (CCE)


20th ICCE
Chemistry in the Information & Communications Technologies Age,
3-8 Aug '08

Chairman: Prof. Peter G. Mahaffy
Secretary: Prof. Eva Åkesson

> List of Members
> Composition and Terms of Office
> Terms of Reference
> Current Projects and related activities
> Meetings agenda

Read about
> Young Ambassadors for Chemistry in Grahamstown, South Africa, by Lida Schoen (Chem. Int. 2007, July-Aug, p. 21)
> Chemistry According to Kids - 2006 poster competition, by Lida Schoen (Chem. Int. 2007, Jan-Feb, p. 4)
> Chemistry Education for Humanity - report from ICCE2006, by Morton Z. Hoffman (Chem. Int. 2007, Jan-Feb, p. 32)
> YACs meet in Korea, by Lida Schoen (Chem. Int. 2006, Sep-Oct, p. 25)
> Science Across the World, by Marianne Cutler (Chem. Int. 2006, July-Aug, p. 8)
> Chemists' Understanding of the Public, by Peter Mahaffy (Chem. Int. 2006, July-Aug, p.14) > access project and full draft report
> Chem Ed: Resposible Stewardship, by Natalia Tarasova (Chem. Int. 2006, Mar-Apr, p. 23)
> YACs meet in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, by Lida Schoen (Chem. Int. 2006, Mar-Apr, p. 25)
> Echoes from Beijing - CCE Roundups, by Morton Hoffman
(Chem. Int. 2006, Jan-Feb , p. 16)
> Annoucement for the 19th ICCE - Chemistry and Chemical Education for Humanity, Seoul, Korea, 12-17 Aug '06 <www.19ICCE.org>; print&post 1-page - pdf 126kb

>> archives

> Chemical Education International
Current issue: Vol. 7; Editor-in-Chief: Masato M. Ito

> World-wide Chemical Education Network
Compiled and managed by Prof. Y. Takeuchi and Dr. M. Ito

> Reports of Activities and Minutes of Meetings
- CCE report to the Council 2006-2007 (pdf file - 46KB)
- CCE report to the Bureau 2006 (pdf file - 151KB)
- CCE report to the Council 2004-2005 (pdf file - 44KB)
- CCE report to the Bureau 2004 (pdf file - 21KB)
- CCE minutes, Ottawa, Canada, 11-12 Aug 2003 (pdf file - 42KB); including Subcommittees reports
- CCE report to the Council 2002-2003 (pdf file - 27KB)
- CTC, 1999-2001 (pdf file - 15KB)
- CTC, 1997-1999 (pdf file - 8KB)

> Archives


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