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Committee on Chemistry Education (CCE)

Current Projects

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2002-021-2-050 - A feasibility study of the scope and limitation of machine translations as a means of disseminating useful reading material for chemical education to be used on the internet

2007-005-2-050 - Research-based evaluation of the Young Ambassadors for Chemistry project

* Interdivisional project

Other Interdivisional projects

2004-037-1-400 - Design of polymer education material for French speaking countries

2004-045-1-700 - Training of school children on pesticides and health

2006-050-3-100 - Wet surface vibrational spectroscopy experiments

2007-022-2-020 - Recommendations for Codes of Conduct

2007-032-1-100 - Green Book - Abridged Version

2007-050-2-600 - Climate and global change: observed impacts on planet earth

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