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Nov-Dec 2013 | A Look Back at Ernest Solvay
-- Archetype of the Inventor-Entrepreneur by Nicolas Coupain

-- The Solvay Chemistry Council, and the International Institute of Chemistry by Brigitte van Tiggelen
  | InChI —the IUPAC International Chemical Identifier by Andrey Yerin, Alan McNaught, and Stephen Heller
Sep-Oct 2013 | On the Realm of Virtual Colloquium by Robert E. Belford and Fabienne Meyers
  | Celebrating Paul Sabatier: The Independent Chemist by Armand Lattes
  | A Short History of Chemical Education in Turkey by Emre Dölen
Jul-Aug 2013 | IUPAC, OPCW, and the Chemical Weapons Convention by Leiv K. Sydnes
  | Green Chemistry in Japan by Takashi Ushikubo
  | The eValuate Module: International Training in Pesticide Ecological Risk Assessment by Ronald Parker
May-Jun 2013 | Neglected Tropical Diseases in Latin America
by Antonio Monge and C. Robin Ganellin
  | Federación Latinoamericana de Asociaciones Químicas by Olga Lock
  | Special Outlook on Nanotechnology by Ana María Osorio Anaya
  | Using Green Chemistry in Teaching: A Brazilian Case Study by Renan Bertolin, Milena Avancini, Andréia Matos, and Vânia Gomes Zuin
  | Lost in Nomenclature Translation by Bernardo Herold
Mar-Apr 2013 | The Future of the Book by Peter Atkins
  | DNA: From Structure to Synthesis
The Importance of Chemical Synthesis by Krishna N. Ganesh
Chemical Synthesis of DNA, RNA, and their Analogues by Marvin Caruthers
  | Chemistry Education - Research in Turkey by Mustafa Sozbilir
Jan-Feb 2013 | The Global Young Academy: Providing a Voice for Young Scientists in the Sustainability Debate by Michael Sutherland and Javier Garcia-Martinez
  | IOCD: Chemical Sciences in Development by Stephen Matlin
  | Green Technologies from Biomass by Ruijun Gu and Mohini Sain
  | IUPAC's Legacy Preserved in the CHF Archives by Patrick H. Shea
Nov-Dec 2012 | Alchemists Are Us: New Exhibit Shows the Influence of Alchemy on Modern Chemistry by Neil Gussman and Michal Meyer
  | Chemicals in the European Union: The European Chemicals
Agency Experience by Derek J Knight
  | The Year of Chemistry at the Lycée Français d'Irlande: A Cross-Disciplinary, Multiclass Educational Project by Johnny Marcelin and Sarah Magadoux
  | ICSTI at Work: An Interview with Brian Hitson by Emma Thompson
Sep-Oct 2012 | Repositioning the Chemical Sciences for African Development by Berhanu M. Abegaz
  | The Young Ambassadors of Chemistry Program Visits Tanzania by Lida Schoen, Erica Steenberg, and Mei-Hung Chíu
  | On the Future of Drug Discovery by Simon Campbell
Jul-Aug 2012 | An Artist's Hommage to the Elementsby Santiago Alvarez
  | Size Matters: Measurement Helps Solve Nanoparticle Toxicity Challenges by Louise Dean
  | Science for Haiti: A Call for a Response from the International Chemistry Community by Jorge Colón
  | Icons of Boron Chemistry by Narayan S. Hosmane
May-Jun 2012 | A Vision of Chemistry for 2050: The International Year of Chemistry Young Leaders Team
  | The European Patent Office: Supporting Innovation in Chemistry
by Guillaume Minnoye and Nataša Doslik
  | The Global Experiment of the International Year of Chemistry: Water: A Chemical Solution by Javier Garcia Martinez and Rovani Sigamoney
Mar-Apr 2012 |

Alan Alda on Radiance:
The Passion of Marie Curie
by Paul S. Weiss

  | The Homo Sapiens Report
A Science Solution to Closed-Mass System Products
by Michael Wadleigh and Birgit van Munster
  | Chemistry’s Role in Delivering Sustainable Development: A Report from the 2011 World Chemistry Leadership Meeting by Colin Humphris
  | Reports from San Juan, Part II
- Analytical Chemistry by Brynn Hibbert
- Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry by Gerrit Koomen
- Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation by Ture Damhus and Richard Hartshorn
- Chemistry and the Environment by Willie Peijnenburg
Jan-Feb 2012 |

Making Measurement Matter: How Do You Know Your Results Measure Up? by Gavin O’Connor and Louise Dean

  | The Formation of the International Association of Chemical Societies by Brigitte Van Tiggelen and Danielle Fauque
  | Reports from San Juan
- Chemistry and Industry by Michael Droescher, committee chair
- Physical and Biophysical Chemistry
by Jim McQuillan, division president
- Polymer
by Michael Hess, division secretary
- ChemRAWN—CHEMical Research Applied to World Needs
by Gary vanLoon, committee secretary
- Chemistry and Human Health
by Doug Templeton, division president
- Chemistry Education
by Morton Z. Hoffman, U.S. national representative on CCE
Nov-Dec 2011 |

Sharing Reactions by Peter Atkins

  | Why Codes of Conduct Matter by Graham S. Pearson, Edwin D. Becker, and Leiv K. Sydnes

Bienvenidos a Puerto Rico

From Swaziland to San Juan
Learning with Laughter


IUPAC 2011 World Congress by Gabriel A. Infante

The Homo Sapiens Report

  | Are Women Still Under-Represented in Science? by Ingrid Montes and Janet Bryant

IYC Competitions

Chemistry Cartoons by Jim McQuillan and Assaf Friedler
A World without Polymers by Chris Ober
The Global Stamp Competition

Sep-Oct 2011 |

From the Wings of Butterflies: The Discovery and Synthesis of Alimta by Edward C. Taylor


The Kilogram in the “New SI"

Part I—From the Current “Kilogram Problem” to a Proposed Definition by Albert C. Censullo, Theodore P. Hill, and Jack Miller
Part II—Explicit-Constant Definitions for the Kilogram
and for the Mole
by Ian Mills

  | Berzelius’ Discovery of Selenium by Jan Trofast
Jul-Aug 2011 |

Communicating Chemistry by Lida Schoen, Egbert Weisheit, and Keith Kelly


Distance Learning in Green Chemistry by Supawan Tantayanon, Kenneth M. Doxsee, Duangamol Nuntasri, and John C. (Jack) Niedbala


Establishing a Vital Tradition: The Series of International: Congresses of Applied Chemistry, 1894–1912 by D. Thorburn Burns and H. Deelstra

May-Jun 2011 |

This Art Has Chemistry: New Exhibit Kicks Off the U.S. Celebration of IYC 2011 by Chris Brouwer and Madeline Schaefer


A Closer Look at Responsible Care
Introduction by Bernard West
Is There a Broken Link? by Gail Krantzberg and Peter Topalovic
Is BP the New Bhopal? by Robert W. Slater

Mar-Apr 2011 |

Where Would We Be without Chemistry? by Peter Atkins

  | Atomic Weights: No Longer Constants of Nature by Tyler B. Coplen and Norman E. Holden
Jan-Feb 2011 | Preface: Celebrating One Hundred Years
by Guest Editors Robert Guillaumont, Jerzy Kroh, Stanislaw Penczek, and Jean-Pierre Vairon
  | Marie Curie and Her Time by Hélène Langevin-Joliot

A Biographical Sketch

  | An Inspiring Laboratory Director: Marie Curie and Women in Science
by Soraya Boudia
  | Marie Curie’s Relations with the United States by George B. Kauffman
  | A Short History of Polonium and Radium
by Jean-Pierre Adloff
  | Chemistry after the Discoveries of Polonium and Radium by Robert Guillaumont and Bernd Grambow
  | How Röngten and Becquerel Rays are Linked with the Discoveries of Polonium and Radium by Andrzej Kajetan Wróblewski
  | Physics and Radioactivity after the Discovery of Polonium and Radium by Pierre Radvanyi
  | Medicine after the Discovery of Radium
by Julian Liniecki
  | The Museum of Maria Skłodowska-Curie in Warsaw by Małgorzata Sobieszczak-Marciniak
  | Programs and Institutions Bearing Maria Skłodowska-Curie’s (or Marie Curie’s) Name
by Barbara Petelenz and Andrzej Kułakowski
  | References
Nov-Dec 2010 | 50th Anniversary of the SI: The International System of Units by Ian M. Mills
  | A Philatelic Tribute to the SI by Daniel Rabinovich
  | A Place in the Salt!
Learning and Playing with Salt in Aveiro, Portugal

by Maria Clara F. Magalhães, Cristina Sampaio, and Paulo Trincão
  | Thriving for Unity in Chemistry: The First International Gathering of Chemists by Michael W. Mönnich
Sep-Oct 2010 | The Language of Chemistry: A New Challenge for Chemistry Education
by Keith Kelly
  | - Reassessing the Role of Analytical Chemistry
by Nelson Torto
- Improving Analytical Chemistry in South Africa: Report from a Workshop
  | Water—A Chemical Solution: A Global Experiment for the International Year of Chemistry by Tony Wright and Javier Garcia Martinez
Jul-Aug 2010 | Chemistry 2.0: Creating Online Communities by Javier Garcia-Martinez
  | Perspectives on Chemistry and Global Climate Change
by Fulvio Zecchini and Pietro Tundo

Teaching about the Role of Green Chemistry
by Fulvio Zecchini et al.

Visualizing and Understanding the Science of Climate Change by Peter Mahaffy

  | Analogue-based Drug Discovery by Janos Fischer and C. Robin Ganellin
May-Jun 2010 | Marvels & Ciphers: A New Exhibit at Chemical Heritage Foundation Links Alchemy and Quantum Chemistry by CHF Staff
  | Chemistry in Tunisia: The Tunisian Chemical Society—A Necessity for a Developing Country by M. Jemal
  | Xperimania—From Molecules to Materials: An Industry-Academic Partnership by Ann Whent
Mar-Apr 2010 | A Century of pH Measurement by Maria Filomena Camões
  | IUPAC as a Science NGO by Colin Humphries
  | IUPAC in Glasgow, Scotland: Division Roundups, Part III
- CHEMRAWN: Chemical Research Applied to World Needsby Leiv K. Sydnes
- Division VIII: Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation by Ture Damhus
- Committee on Chemistry and Industry by Mike Booth
- Committee on Printed and Electronic Publication by Bohumir Valter
- Division III: Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry by Pietro Tundo
Jan-Feb 2010 | The Myth of Insufficient Information by Terry Clayton
  | What is a Mole? Old Concepts and New by Jack Lorimer
- A Fixed Avogadro Constant or a Fixed Carbon-12 Molar Mass: Which One to Choose? by Yves Jeannin
- Closing Comments from Ian M. Mills
  | The Impact of Depleted 6Li on the Standard Atomic Weight of Lithium by Norman E. Holden
  | IUPAC in Glasgow, Scotland: Division Roundups, Part II
- Committee on Chemistry Education by Christiane Reiners
- Division IV: Polymer by Michael Hess
- Division II: Inorganic Chemistry by Leonard Interrante
Nov-Dec 2009 | Greetings from Glasgow
a photage montage from the IUPAC General Assembly
(600 KB pdf)
  | Roars from the Council Meeting by Chris Brouwer
  | WCLM Generates Ideas for IYC2011by John Malin and Bryan Henry

Division Roundups, Part One
- Division I: Physical and Biophysical Chemistry
by Michel J. Rossi
- Division VI: Chemistry and the Environment
by Willie Peijnenburg
Division VII: Chemistry and Human Health
by Doug Templeton

  | Toxicology in the Classroom by Maizurah Omar and Rahmat Awang
  | A Tribute to Máximo Barónby Michael Hess
Sep-Oct 2009 | Institut Kimia Malaysia: In Pursuit of Excellence in Chemistry by Ting-Kueh Soon
  | Consistency and Clarity in Chemical Concepts: How to Achieve a Codified Chemical Terminology—A Pilot Study by Ture Damhus, Peder Olesen Larsen, Bodil Nistrup Madsen, and Sine Zambach
  | Increasing the Global Impact of the Polymer Division by Christopher K. Ober
Jul-Aug 2009 | Marie Skłodowska Curie—Madame Curie:
From Poland to France, from France to Poland
by Stanislaw Penczek and Malgorzata Sobieszczak-Marciniak
  | Colloid and Interface Science: Alive and Kicking at the 30th Anniversary of IACIS
by Mieke Kleijn
  | Nanotechnology: An Answer to the World’s Water Crisis?by Alan Smith
  | REACH: Toward the Safer Management of Chemicals by Astrid Schomaker and Cristina de Avila
May-Jun 2009 | What Is “Materials Chemistry”? by Peter Day, Leonard Interrante, and Anthony West
  | Beyond the Book by Peter Atkins
  | Scientific Method: Can It Help Promote the Public Appreciation of Science? by David A. Evans
Mar-Apr 2009 | Amount of Substance and the Mole by Ian Mills and Martin Milton
  | Customs, Chemistry, and IUPAC: An Old Story by Hervé Schepers
  | Helping Improve Biosafety and Biosecurity: IUPAC’s Contribution to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention by Graham S. Pearson
Jan-Feb 2009 | Periodic Tables and IUPAC by G. Jeffery Leigh
  | The IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (InChI) by Stephen R. Heller and Alan D. McNaught
  | Celebrating Worldwide Excellence in Chemistry by Gábor Magyarfalvi
  | Nanotechnology in Good Health? by Hilda Coulsey and Alan Smith
Nov-Dec 2008 | Making Modernity at the Chemical Heritage Foundation by Margo Bresnen
  | Pure and Applied Chemistry at Your Fingertips by James Bull
  | IUPAC—Then and Now: Reflections on 40 Years of Involvement by Jeffery Leigh
Sep-Oct 2008 | Creativity in Applied Polymer Science by Dick Jones
  | Computers in Clinical Laboratories by Josep M. Queraltó et al.
  | Functional Foods: Reflections on an Expanding Market by A. Monge et al.
  | Nikolai Izmailov: An Essential Contribution to Physical Chemistryby Nikolay O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan
Jul-Aug 2008 | The 2006 Year of Chemistry in Korea by Choon H. Do
  | Mitigating Arsenic Pollution: Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Practice by Hemda Garelick and Huw Jones
  | Bologna and Beyond: Opportunities and Obstacles by Eva Åkesson, Maja Elmgren, and Kristin Edström
  | Green Chemistry Course for Teachers: Latin American High School Teachers Learn About Sustainable Chemistry
by Norma Sbarbati Nudelman
May-Jun 2008 | Spain Celebrates Its Year of Science Honoring Mendeleev by Javier García-Martínez and Pascual Román Polo
  | Physical and Biophysical Chemistry: Where Does IUPAC Stand with Regard to this Discipline? by Christopher Brett and Michel Rossi
  | Chemistry in the Information and Communications Technology Age
Mar-Apr 2008 | Chemistry for Biology by Torbjörn Norin and Upendra Pandit
  | Scientifiques Sans Frontières Australia
by Colin Scholes and Glenna Drisko
  | Chemical Education in India: Three Decades of IUPAC Initiatives by N.K. Uberoi and K.V. Sanè
Jan-Feb 2008 |

Protecting Cultural Heritage: Reflections on the Position of Science in Multidisciplinary Approaches by Jan Wouters

  | Radionuclides and Radiochemistry, Part II: Terminology in Nuclear Processes—
Misconceptions and Inaccuracies

by Mauro L. Bonardi and David S. Moore
  | The Emerging Regulatory Environment: Proceedings of the World Chemistry Leadership Meeting by Colin Humphris and Mark Cesa
  | IUPAC in Torino, Italy—Part II
  | Division Roundups—Part II
  | “Chemistry is Beautiful”—A Report on the Opening Plenary Lecture by Roald Hoffmann by Neil Gussman
Nov-Dec 2007 | IUPAC in Torino, ItalyDivision Roundups
  | Radionuclides and Radiochemistry
Part I: Their Role in Society
by Mauro L. Bonardi and David S. Moore
  | Nanotechnology—The New Chemistry by Alan Smith
Sep-Oct 2007 | Green Chemistry on the Rise: Thoughts on the Short History of the Field
by Pietro Tundo and Francesco Aricò
  | Chemistry for Water: Recommendations from CHEMRAWN XV
  | Chemistry in Japan: Lessons from the Past
by Hitoshi Ohtaki
  | Tools of the Trade: The Red Book—
Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry
(IUPAC Recommendations 2005)
by Richard Hartshorn
Jul-Aug 2007 | Sustainable Development and Education: Where Does Chemistry Fit? by Rietje van Dam-Mieras
  | Speaking to the Public About Chemistry: A Three-Point Primer by David A. Evans
  | The Eurobachelor: An Update by Terry Mitchell
May-Jun 2007 | Roald Hoffmann’s Should’ve: Ethics and Science on Stage - An Interview with Hoffmann Conducted by Liberato Cardellini
This I Believe by Roald Hoffmann
  | The Chemical Industry and Sustainable Development: The Role of ICCA and SAICM by Irina Dumitrescu
  | Tools of the Trade: Assuring Quality of Analytical Measurement Results —the Role of IUPAC by Ales Fajgelj
Mar-Apr 2007 | On the Effectiveness of CHEMRAWN by John M. Malin
  | Chemistry in Jordan by Sultan Abu-Orabil
  | Before “Modern” Chemistry: A Stroll Inside the French Books from the Roy G. Neville Historical Chemical Library by Laure Joumel
Jan-Feb 2007 | Chemistry According to Kids by Lida Shoen
  | Science4Life - A German Initiative for Start-Ups in the Life Sciences and Chemistry by Uwe Gerlach
  | Building research Capacity to promote Innovation - A Case Study in Mauritius by Dhanjay Jhurry
  | Tools of the Trade: Evaluated Kinetic and Photochemical Data for Atmospheric Chemistry by Michel J. Rossi
Nov-Dec 2006 | GEOTRACES-Chemistry Takes Center Stage in Marine Science by David Turner
  | A Year of Physics - Would Einstein have approved? A Discussion About the International Year of Physics Minella Alarcon's Interview with Judy Franz, Martial Ducloy, Francis Allotey, and Masno Ginting
  | Nanotechnology: lessons from Mother Nature by Alan Smith
  | Tools of the Trade
-- The IUPAC International Chemical Identifier
: InChI-A New Standard for Molecular Informatics by Alan McNaught
--Using InChI by Jeremy G. Frey
Sep-Oct 2006 | Chairing Scientific Symposia by Roger Fenwick and Leiv K. Sydnes
  | Beyond Classical Chemistry: Subfields and Metafields of the Molecular Sciences by Jesper Sjöström
  | Tools of the Trade: The IUPAC Stability Constants Database by Leslie D. Pettit
Jul-Aug 2006 | The Ice that Burns: Burning Questions about Gas Hydrates by Barbara Maynard
  | Science Across the World: Exploring Science Locally and Sharing Insights Globally by Marianne Cutler
  | The Irrationality of Being: Fear of All Snakes, Spiders, . . . and Chemicals by David A. Evans
  | Chemists’ Understanding of the Public by Peter Mahaffy
May-Jun 2006 | China’s Petrochemical Technologies by Jiming Wang
  | Introducing EuCheMS by Gábor Náray-Szabó
Mar-Apr 2006 | Art and Science: Looking in the Same Direction by Maria Clara F. Magalhães and Rosa Maria Oliveira
  | Frontier Science in the Middle East by John M.Malin
  | GreenFacts: Communicating Science Information Clearly by Manuel Carmona Yebra
Jan-Feb 2006 | “Inner Chemical Life” of Solids by Joachim Maier
  | Nanotechnology: Does It Have a Sporting Chance? by Alan Smith
  | Spectroscopic Data: The Quest for a Universal Format by Robert Lancashire and Tony Davies
  | IUPAC in Beijing—Division Roundups Part II
Nov-Dec 2005 | IUPAC in Beijing: A Wrap-Up of the General Assembly & Division Roundups
  | 1 600 Years Young: An Indian Historical Artifact's Appearance Belies its Age by Matthew V. Veazey
  | Lessons from Early Chemists: Where is there Wisdom to be Found in Ancient Materials Chemistry? by Philip Ball
Sep-Oct 2005 | Advancement of Harmonized Approaches for Crop Protection Chemistry in Latin America by K. Racke, E. Carazo, and G. Roberts
  | Challenges for Chemists by Charles P. Casey
  | An Update on the Kilogram by Ian Mills
Jul-Aug 2005 | The International Chemistry Olympiad by Jan Apotheker
  | Public Images of Chemistry by Nicole J. Moreau
  | IUPAC History Preserved:
Processing Addenda to the Records of IUPAC
by Andrew Mangravite
May-Jun 2005 | Joseph Priestley: Radical Thinker by Mary Ellen Bowden
  | CHEMRAWM XII: Exploring Solutions to Africa’s Food Crisis by Ikenna Onyido
Mar-Apr 2005 | Responsible Care in Canada: The Evolution of an Ethic and a Commitment by Jean Bélanger
  | Role Models in Chemistry: Linus Pauling by Balazs Hargittai and István Hargittai
  | Pure and Applied Chemistry: Citation Highlights 1998–2003 by James R. Bull and Bohumir Valter
Jan-Feb 2005 | Old Warriors Get New Armor by Matthew V. Veazey
  | Fun and Games in Chemistry: On Scientoons, and Other Light-Hearted Mind Benders that Help Us Appreciate Chemistry by D. Balusbramanian
  | Chemistry and the Environment: IUPAC Division VI Takes Stock and Looks Ahead by Patrick Holland and Kenneth Racke
Nov-Dec 2004 | Strengthening International Science: An Overview of the International Council for Science by Carthage Smith and Thomas Rosswall
  | Women in Chemistry: Her Lab in Your Life by Josh McIlvain
  | The Exhibit Online
  | The Future of Chemistry Education by Lida Schoen
  | Tetrahedral Chemistry Education: Shaping What is to Come by Peter Mahaffy
  | Chemistry Is Everywhere
Sep-Oct 2004 | Innovation in the Chemical Industry: The Way from Pure to Applied Chemistry by J.A. Kopytowski
  | Chemistry for Kids at teutolab by Holger Jenett, Alexander Brandt, Martin Püttschneider, Rudolf Herbers, Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus
  | Europe Goes Bachelor! by Terry Mitchell
July-Aug 2004 | When Ideas Become Deeds: Chemical Education and Sustainable Development in Russia by Natalia P. Tarasova
  | Chemistry Clearing House by Elena S. Gryzlova
  | Collaborative Trial Tests for Method Validation: Lessons to be Learned by E. Anklam and J. Stroka
  | IUPAC and Commerical Polymers: IUPAC Working Party on Structure and Properties of Commercial Polymers—History, Output, and Future Prospects
by D.R. Moore and H.M. Laun
  | Role Models in Chemistry: John Pople by Balazs Hargittai and István Hargittai
  | XML in Chemical Education by Daniel Tofan
May-June 2004 | 2003—The Year of Chemistry in Germany by Holger Bengs and Wolfram Koch
  | Frontiers of Chemical Sciences: Research and Education in the Middle East by John M. Malin
  | Chemistry Society of Mauritius: A New Society Aims High for its Island Nation and the Indian Ocean Region by Dhanjay Jhurry
  | The IUPAC Solubility Data Project: A Brief History by Larry Clever
Mar-Apr 2004 | IUPAC, COCI, and the Chemical Industry: “The Times They Are A-Changing” and COCI Will Need to Sing Some New Songs by David E. Evans
  | Green Chemistry in the Arab Region: One Step Further in IUPAC’S Campaign to Promote Sustainability and Chemistry by Pietro Tundo and Mohamed Tawfic Ahmed
  | Green Chemistry in Russia by Pietro Tundo
  | The Impact of International Exchange: The Scientific Journey of Marini Bettolo from Italy to Uruguay by Patrick Moyna
  | Role Models in Chemistry: Jens Christian Skou by Balazs Hargittai and István Hargittai
Jan-Feb 2004 | Atomic Weights and the International Committee: A Brief Historical Review by Norman Holden 
  |   The Periodic Tabe of the Elements by Norman Holden and Ty Coplen
  | Chinese Terms for Chemical Elements: Characters Combining Radical and Phonetic Elements by Chang Hao
Nov-Dec 2003 | “It’s A Chemical World!”—The Overwhelming Success of a Poster Competition by Lida Schoen
  | IUPAC in Ottawa: The General Assembly by John W. Jost
  | The IUPAC Congress and Conference of the Canadian by Alex McCauley
  | Safety Training Program by Mark C. Cesa
Sep-Oct 2003 | Science Communication for All by Rainer Glaser
  | Role Models in Chemistry: Nelson Leonard by Balazs Hargittai and Istv án Hargittai
  | Why Become an Affiliate? by Laura Abernathy
  | A New Look at Special Topics and an Evolving Policy for Pure and Applied Chemistry by James Bull
Jul-Aug 2003 | Camptothecin and Taxol: The Story Behind the Science
  | Striving for Open Access

Chemical Weapons Convention: First Major Review Completed
- IUPAC Briefs Delegates to CWC Review Conference

May-Jun 2003 | Discover Chemistry in Europe
  | Philosophy of Chemistry
Mar-Apr 2003 |

Canadian Participation in IUPAC

  | New Directions for CHEMRAWN
- CHEMRAWN XII-Chemistry, Sustainable Agriculture, and Human Well-Being in Sub-Saharan Africa
  | Clinical Chemistry & Laboratory Medicine
Jan-Feb 2003 | Chemistry Education
  | Russia and IUPAC
  | The Double Helix is 50 Years Old
Nov-Dec 2002 | PEDECIBA–Programa de DEsarrollo de CIencias BAsicas
  | Scientific and Technical Information
  | Macromolecular Nomenclature and Terminology: A Brief History of IUPAC Activities
  | Aligning the Revised Red and Blue Books and Preparing for IUPAC Preferred Names
Sep-Oct 2002 | Medicinal Chemistry in the New Millennium
  | Medicinal Chemistry in IUPAC: Accomplishments During the Past Decade and Relationships With Industry
  | Candid Chemistry
  | Pesticide Residues: IUPAC Representative’s Report on the 34th Codex Committee Session
Jul-Aug 2002 | XML in Chemistry
  | Markup Languages-How to Structure Chemistry-Related Documents
  | A Preprint Server for Chemistry 
May-Jun 2002 | IOCD: 20 Years of Building Capacity in Chemistry in Developing Countries
  | Validated Analytical Methods-AOAC’s Experience Over 100 Years
  | Small-Scale Chemistry
Mar-Apr 2002 | The Bureau International des Poids et Mesures: Establishing Standards in the Physical Sciences
  | The Synthesis and Naming of Elements 110 and Beyond
  | Reliable Solubility Data in the Age of Computerized Chemistry: Why, How, and When?
Jan-Feb 2002 | Catalyst: The Museum of the Chemical Industry
  | Preserving Records of Modern Science
  | Science and the Public: Learning for the Future

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