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44th IUPAC

4-12 August 2007 - Torino, Italy

IUPAC General Assembly, held from August 4-12, is the occasion for meetings of the statutory bodies of the Union, specifically of the Council, Bureau, Division Committees, and Standing Committees. A final schedule of meetings, with rooms assignment, will be distributed at on-site registration.

The GA registration desk will open on Friday August 3rd from 14:00 to 17:00 and everyday after from 8:00 to 18:00. The GA registration desk will be located on the 3rd floor of the University of Torino part of the Lingotto building. The entrance and elevators are on the north end of the building. Signs will be posted on the outside of the Lingotto, on the corner of the Via Nizza.

Schedule as of 24 July 2007

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AM: 9:00 to 13:00; PM: 14:00 to 18:00

President’s Address and Members Reception
All participants and accompanying persons are invited to attend. This event will take place at the Aula Magna /Rektorat located at Via Verdi 8 on the Piazza Castello, in the center of the old city of Torino.

Sat, 4 Aug (19:00)


Congress Opening Ceremony
including Award Ceremony for the winners of the IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists; followed immediately by ...

Plenary by R. Hoffmann and
presentation of the play "Should've"

Welcome Reception
(Participation in this event requires that you register for the IUPAC Congress, or that you purchase an individual ticket)

Sun, 5 Aug (16:10)


(the plenary will be at 17:00 and the reception will follow immediately after, around 18:30)

GA Meetings
Participation in the meetings listed below is open to members only. If you are not a member of a particular body and wish to attend its meeting, please contact the Chairman of the meeting.

Division Presidents and Secretaries Briefing

Sat, 4 Aug (8:00 to 9:00)
+ see below Tue, 7 Aug (PM)

Division Committees

All Divisions, I to VIII

Sat, 4 Aug and Sun, 5 Aug (AM & PM)
Standing Committees 
CHEMRAWN Mon, 6 Aug (AM & PM)
COCI Mon, 6 Aug (AM & PM) and Tue, 7 Aug (AM)
CCE Mon, 6 Aug (AM & PM) and Tue, 7 Aug (AM)
Tue, 7 Aug (PM)
CPEP Mon, 6 Aug and Tue, 7 Aug (AM & PM)
ICTNS Tue, 7 Aug and Wed, 8 Aug (AM & PM)
Evaluation Committee Tue, 7 Aug (AM) !!new date!!
Division Presidents Tue, 7 Aug (PM)
Project Committee Wed, 8 Aug (AM) !!new date!!
PAC Editorial Advisory Board Wed, 8 Aug (AM)



Wed, 8 Aug (PM) and Thu, 9 Aug (AM & PM)

Sun, 12 Aug (12:30 to 14:00)

Council Round Table Discussions Fri, 10 Aug (AM)
WCLM (World Chemistry Leadership Mtg.) Fri, 10 Aug (PM)
Council Sat, 11 Aug (AM & PM) and Sun, 12 Aug (AM)
Council Reception Sat, 11 Aug (19:00)
Project specific
Task Group 2005-001-1-200 Fri, 3 Aug; part of the SC on Materials Chemistry meeting
Task Group 2006-016-1-200 Thu, 2 Aug (PM) and Fri, 3 Aug (AM & PM)

Task Group 2001-010-3-500

> 'public hearing' Sun, 5 Aug 11:15am

Thu, 2 Aug and Fri, 3 Aug (AM & PM) and Sat, 4 Aug (AM) and Mon, 6 Aug (PM) and Tue, 7 Aug (AM & PM)
Task Group 2001-026-1-600 Fri, 3 Aug (PM)
Task Group 2006-038-1-800 Wed, 1 Aug and Thu, 2 Aug (AM & PM)
Task Group 2001-043-1-800 Thu, 2 Aug (AM & PM)
Task Group 2003-045-3-800 Thu, 2 Aug and Fri, 3 Aug (AM & PM)
Task Group 2006-029-1-800 Fri, 3 Aug (AM & PM)
Task Group 2006-013-1-020 Thu, 9 Aug (AM & PM)
Other Meetings (Commission and SubCommittee)
Metrological traceability of measurement results in chemistry
- project 2001-010-3-500 public hearing
Sun, 5 Aug 11:15am till 12:45pm
Commission I.1 - Physicochemical Symbols, Terminology, and Units Sat, 4 Aug and Sun, 5 Aug (AM & PM), and Mon, 6 Aug (AM)
SC on Materials Chemistry Fri, 3 Aug (AM & PM)
SC on Organic Synthesis Sat, 4 Aug (PM)
SC on Biomolecular Chemistry Mon, 6 Aug (PM)
SC on Green Chemistry Mon, 6 Aug (PM)
SC on Biotechnology Mon, 6 Aug (PM)
SC on Structural and Mechanistic Chemistry Tue, 7 Aug (PM)
SC on Polymer Terminology Mon, 6 Aug to Thu, 9 Aug (AM & PM)
SC on Solubility and Equilibrium Data
Mon, 6 Aug (AM & PM)
Interdivisional Working Party on Harmonization of Quality Assurance Mon, 6 Aug (AM)
SC Food Chemistry Sun, 5 Aug (AM)
SC on Biophysico-Chemical Processes Sun, 5 Aug (AM)
SC on Chemistry of Environmental Compartments Sun, 5 Aug (AM)
SC on Crop Protection Chemistry Sun, 5 Aug (AM)
SC on Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Development Fri, 3 Aug (AM & PM)
SC on Nomenclature, Properties, and Units in Laboratory Medicine Sun, 5 Aug (PM) and Mon, 6 Aug and Tue, 7 Aug (AM & PM)
SC on Toxicology and Risk Assessment Mon, 6 Aug (AM & PM)
SC on Electronic Data Standards
- and joint with ASTM
Sat, 4 Aug (AM & PM)
- Sun, 5 Aug (AM & PM)
SC on Chemistry Education for Development Sun, 5 Aug (PM)
Workshops (integrated in the CONGRESS schedule)
> for more info -inlcuding timetable- see

Beyond Should´ve: Ethics in Science and Education

Wed, 8 Aug - 10:30am
(part of Session 10)
> program

COCI Safety Training Program
(see IUPAC project # 2006-051-1-022

Thu, 9 Aug - 10:30am
(part of Session 10)
> program
Multiple Uses of Chemicals and Chemical Weapons Mon, 6 Aug - 10:30-12:50
(part of Session 1)
CHEM-BIO-TECH2007 Tue, 7 Aug to Fri, 10 Aug
(Congress Session JS)



Please write to the IUPAC Secretariat <[email protected]>


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